Coaches and facilitators

LDC has two panels - the Facilitation and Design Panel and the Executive Coaching Panel made up of 29 expert leadership development professionals, who we will partner with to develop and facilitate our programmes and provide leadership coaching.

Our providers are:

Facilitation and Design Panel:

Ali  Tocker   Alistair McDonald     Dave Winsborough     Denise Carter     Denise Church QSO  
Digby Scott     Graham Hart     Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger     Jenny McDonald     Joan Wilson-Jones  
 Kristen Cooper     Lesley Fraser     Martin Fenwick     Maxine Walker     Michelle McCormack  
Dr Norman Chorn     Paul Pringle     Paula Feathers     Rob Handyside     Sue Hornblow  
Tim Roberts     Yvonne McLean              

Executive Coaching Panel:

Ali Tocker   Alistair McDonald     Brenda Ratcliff     Denise Church QSO      Digby Scott
Jane McCann      Janet Macaskill     Jenny Devine     Jenny McDonald     Kristen Cooper 
Lesley Fraser      Linley Rose    Mandy Davies      Martin Fenwick     Maxine Walker  
Paul Pringle    Paula Feathers    Dr Paul Wood
  Sue Hornblow
   Yvonne McLean

Other executive coaches

We have relationships with a range of other niche coaches and mentors. If you have specific coaching needs, please contact us to discuss the right executive coach for you. One coach, for example, works with talented people to harness their ethnic background to lead, communicate and think powerfully. Her vision is to increase skilled and diverse representation in key decision-making roles.

For more information

To find out more about any of our provider panel members or other coaches, please contact Nicola Richardson, Leadership Development Programme Manager (04 494 8385) or Jerry Grafton, Senior Leadership Development Advisor (04 494 8393).

Ali Tocker web

Ali Tocker - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I am a practically-minded leadership development consultant, known for my accessible style and extensive knowledge of how people develop most effectively at work.

I have a BA in Psychology and an MA in Education. I've worked with leaders locally and internationally and have been the Director of Tocker Associates Ltd for the past 17 years.

I am best known for being an early adopter and a strategic thinker in my work. I am able to see patterns and identify bespoke solutions that are both practical and effective. I connect easily with people and am able to operate within complex environments to support the successful development of senior leaders.

I believe that good leadership development is practical and delivers tangible results at individual, team and organisational levels. Great leadership development is designed to be specific to the individual, and is anchored in tailored and considered outcomes.

My formal qualifications: M Ed in Policy and Research, BA Psychology

My industry qualifications: IOD Directors Course, Registered Trainer for The Organisation Workshop and When Cultures Meet, Member of HRINZ, accredited in Lominger, The Leadership Circle, TMS suite, DiSC profiling, Genos EI profiling, Hogan, MBTI (types 1 and 2).

Tocker Associates

Alistair McDonald web 2014

Alistair McDonald - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

For me it's all about the people. Each and every one of us wants to be successful and part of a winning team. I love helping and challenging leaders, individuals and teams to realise their dreams and goals.

My hands-on experience has been gained from holding senior management positions in leading corporations and working closely with a variety of government agencies and corporate organisations.

One of my career highlights has been establishing and facilitating an in-house 'Leader as Coach' programme delivered to over 700 people.

I believe it's important to not only achieve outcomes but to also encourage participants to feel engaged throughout and I bring this energy to all the work I do.

I add value to the key areas of facilitation, training, coaching and speaking. I also specialise in facilitating training courses including coaching, leadership, and customer service.

For individuals or teams who need to set goals, develop strategic plans, require individual or team coaching, I have experience with a wide range of challenges to deliver practical positive results. Even through business-change, I can get you on-track and focused, and help take your people on the journey with you.

Brenda Ratcliff

Brenda Ratcliff - Executive Coaching

My coaching expertise is in mBraining (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This transformative suite of skills integrates thoughtful leadership practice with 'heart leadership' and the wisdom of 'trusting your gut'.

Prior to becoming a coach, two of my treasured roles were the Lead Human Resources Advisor, Organisational Development, Ministry of Social Development coaching leaders and designing workshops, and Director, Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector, where I 'lived and breathed' the interface between government and the community and voluntary sector.

My top three areas of leadership development expertise focus on:

  • presentation skills, which includes how to present yourself and your work to your full advantage, and how to use influencing skills, body language, storytelling, and presentation structures that work
  • how to be the best version of yourself by clearing thoughts, habits, and behaviours that are not useful in the leadership space
  • charting career paths that align passion and talents to secure roles that bring meaning and purpose.

When I consider good leadership, I think Lao Tzu (6th century BC philosopher) said it best: "When the leader's work is done right, with no fuss or boasting, then ordinary people say, "Oh we did it"." To me, this means good leadership does not spring from a place of ego or fear, but rather from self-awareness, humility and clarity of vision and action.

In 2016 I travelled to Brunei as guest author of the International School who were running their annual 'Book Week', with a Hobbit theme. I shared 'The Hero's Journey' by Joseph Campbell as a self-coaching and presentation tool. Teachers and students cast themselves as 'heroes in their own lives' and mapped personal past challenges to the structure of Greek Myth, enabling them to access their own resilience and courage for current and future challenges.

I am also a certified iWAM coach - Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation. This online diagnostic tool helps teams and individuals understand their preferred methods for internal processing of information and communicating with others. It's super-helpful for teams who want to sharpen their external influencing skills and decrease conflict get on the same page internally. For individual coaching clients it helps them set criteria for finding roles where they will thrive, and also understand how to modify their own communication styles to work well with colleagues and managers.

MindMeld Coaching

Dave Winsborough web

Dave Winsborough - Facilitation and Design

I trained as a clinical psychologist and worked in the hospital and prison systems for five years before moving to Wellington. I began working in the fields of organisational development, team coaching, and personnel selection.

I have had a close association with academic psychology, particularly with Robert Hogan, a prominent personality theorist. He undertook original research on senior leadership teams in New Zealand and the personalities of chief executives and developed a method of aggregating personality to profile groups and teams. My most recent publication was a chapter in the Advances in Global Leadership, 2014.

I have worked on several, large system-level interventions, including being a high- performance coach to major transport projects. I also co-designed leadership frameworks for the New Zealand Army, Defence Force, Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Meridian Energy, and coached senior public and private sector management teams.

I have grown my own company over 20 years to a staff of 15, with offices in Auckland and Wellington.

I believe that leadership is a resource for the good of the group, tribe, organisation or country. It matters who is in charge. I want to emphasise the fact that being promoted - managing one's career - is different from being a leader and inspiring a team. In my view, leaders should demonstrate integrity, competence, good judgment and vision - in that order.


Denise Carter web

Denise Carter - Facilitation and Design

I have over 30 years of experience in leading and developing people in a career ranging from a British Army Officer through to senior group learning and development roles in some of the United Kingdom and New Zealand’s largest organisations. I have consulted to a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors.

I am seen as an effective, engaging and challenging facilitator, which is my natural approach for developing thinking, capability and collaborative learning within leadership groups. 

I am an experienced instructional designer ? understanding that the key to successful leadership development lies in applying adult learning principles to create a learner-led environment that supports self-awareness, personal change and growth.

My approach is underpinned by neuroscience and the latest leadership thinking. One of my core strengths is my ability to translate this practically into what works for leaders at all levels.

I focus on developing capable, confident and impactful leaders who are able to create the 'right' culture and environment for people to develop and grow. This in turn allows them to deliver improved performance, increased productivity and to find the workplace a more worthwhile experience. 

Mantle - leadership by design

Denise Church web

Denise Church QSO - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I work with individuals and teams across leadership development, strategy and governance, with a particular focus on senior executives and teams.

I am an experienced Chair, company director, Chief Executive, coach and facilitator based in Wellington. My experiences in governance and senior management range across the public, private and not for profit sectors, including the energy industry, environment and sustainable development, science and research, tourism, and tertiary education. 

As Chair, I have been closely involved in organisational start up and turnaround activities. I apply my knowledge of leadership and effective group dynamics in my roles as Director and Trustee, contributing to strong and effective Board functioning. I was recently appointed as Chair of the Karori Sanctuary Trust Board. My board appointments have included WWF NZ (Chair),  Ako Aotearoa, the Foundation for Research Science and Technology, the MBIE Science Board, Wellington Zoo Trust (Chair),  Wellington City Council CCO Performance Subcommittee, and Landcare Research.

I am Director of Leadership Matters Limited, a company I set up to focus on leadership development and high performance for senior managers, boards and executive teams. I facilitate action learning based leadership development programmes (LiP since 2002), and coach and support chief executives, boards, senior managers and leadership teams to clarify strategy, lead change, and fulfil their potential.

I was Chief Executive of the Ministry for the Environment from 1996 to 2001. Before that, I was Director of Public Affairs at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK, and a senior manager at British Gas plc. My earlier career spanned roles in environmental management in central and local government in New Zealand.

Outside work, I am Scout Leader at Brooklyn Scout Group, and active in my local parish, and enjoy skiing, singing and playing the cello (not all at once).

I was made a Companion of the Queens Service Order (QSO) in the Queen's Birthday honours 2002.

Digby Scott web 2014 12 08

Digby Scott - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I’m known as a leadership development practitioner and coach who brings a fresh approach. I work with ‘restless go-getters’ that are on a mission to make a difference. My aim is to help people to think and act in new ways so that they nail it.

I’m interested in two areas that I think will make a difference to leadership in New Zealand:

  1. Developing more purposeful, authentic leaders earlier in career, so that they play bigger role in solving NZ’s challenges
  2. Designing and running leadership development initiatives that help leaders grow not just their skillsets but also the mindsets they need to lead with things get complex.

I’ve worked in the leadership development field since 1998, in Australia and New Zealand, designing, facilitating and coaching. Previously, I’ve been a chartered accountant, a recruiter, a manager, and have established and sold two businesses. This experience, along with my expertise in adult development, means I take a grounded and pragmatic approach to my work.

I’ve presented at leadership conferences in New Zealand and Australia. I lecture on coaching and career management for the Auckland Business School’s MBA programme, and have been a board member of the International Coach Federation for Australasia. I also contribute to thinking at the Centre for Creative Leadership in the US, and am an Associate of the Melbourne Business School’s Mt Eliza Executive Education programme.

Digby Scott

Graham Hart web

Graham Hart - Facilitation and Design

I am known for delivering leadership interventions that mobilise leaders by encouraging self-awareness, insight and personal flexibility, and foster collaborative leadership cultures.

I have 25 years of business experience working in operations, human resources and management consulting roles. For seven years, I worked as a Director with Deloitte, Auckland in its human capital practice. This certainly gave me the opportunity to work in diverse industries ranging from banking to ice-cream, in New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.

I am passionate about helping managers and organisations create 'constructive impact' through effective leadership. I see leadership as a crucial area to work with, to leverage strategy and develop high impact, learning-flexible leaders that create high performing teams and constructive cultures.

Grounded in neuroscience and adult change and learning theory, I target appropriate interventions, including consultation, facilitation, training, mediation and executive coaching, to groups and individuals. 

Mantle - leadership by design

Jane McCann

Jane McCann - Executive Coaching

I shadow public sector chief executives and senior executives in real-time, providing feedback on their performance and leadership system, often pre- or post-reviews, or when a senior team wishes to go from 'Good to Great'.

From my observations of 600 leaders, I created practical tools for the purposeful practise of leadership.

I have 25 years' experience coaching and delivering leadership across the public Sector - in core and central agencies, SOEs, health, science and academia. I facilitate strategic planning and problem solving for governance, management and thought leader groups, facing tough issues.

My studies have included social sciences, the humanities and business.

Three areas of expertise:

  • leadership coaching and development - applying systems thinking.
  • accelerating groups into teams, for example, project, virtual, or across-sector teams (including the areas of research, policy, operational, and boards)
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (governance and management).

I support leader-led development and believe the best leadership development comes from bosses who role model and transfer authentic leadership practice.

McCann consulting

 Janet Macaskill web

Janet Macaskill - Executive Coaching

My focus is on assessment, feedback and development planning, and coaching to support the identified development areas. This might be at an individual level; for teams whether they are just forming, needing to work better together or undergoing change; or at an organisational level with chief executive selection or performance reviews and leadership programmes for emerging or experienced leaders.

As well as consulting I work for the Leadership Development Centre. In my role as Leadership Development Coach I work closely with senior public sector leaders in the area of Assessment and 360º Survey feedback and development planning, soft skills coaching and career planning and advice. 

A background of line management at IBM when it was undergoing significant cultural and structural change led to an interest in developing people, helping them identify their desired career directions and encouraging them to take steps towards fulfilling these goals. This has translated into 20 years of coaching leaders; designing and delivering leadership development programmes; leadership assessment, feedback and development planning; career planning and transition; developing change skills in leaders and team members; and team profiling and building effectiveness.

I'm working with the online version of the Intelligent Career Card Sort (ICCS) and have recently become accredited in the Saville Wave.

Jennifer Garvery Berger web

Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger - Facilitation and Design

I am internationally recognised for my work supporting leaders who need to increase their ability to thrive under conditions of growing complexity, uncertainty and change.

At a time when organisations are often forging new pathways, leadership is about creating the conditions for people to be their most creative, connected, intelligent selves.

Few people know how to lead intuitively; leadership is a discipline as much as accounting, law, or engineering. If we want organisations where people are thriving and bringing their best, we need leaders who are learning.

I design and teach long-term leadership programmess that expand not only the way leaders work but also the way they think about the world.

My book, Changing on the job: Developing leaders for a complex world has been called 'quite simply the best book on leadership and adult development out there.' My next book, Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful practices for leaders (co-authored with Keith Johnston) is out and will soon be published in Chinese and Russian.

My current focus is on helping leaders thrive in complex and unpredictable environments. 

I have a Masters degree and a Doctorate (in adult development) from Harvard University. Formerly an associate professor at George Mason University in the United States, my family and I became New Zealand citizens at Government House on Waitangi Day 2014.

Cultivating Leadership

Jenny Devine new photo Jan 2015 web

Jenny Devine - Executive Coaching

I have a strategic mind, a wealth of experience coaching leaders, and a passion for supporting, inspiring and challenging leaders to be extraordinary role models to the people they lead.

My background is in operational management and consultancy in the New Zealand health sector, including roles such as a charge nurse, operations manager and project manager.

My consultancy company supported health sector leaders through leadership development work, group facilitation, team building and effectiveness, communication and conflict mastery.

My top three areas of expertise include:

  • self-awareness, consciousness, mindfulness
  • personal development, particularly related to overcoming limiting beliefs and building resilience
  • the strategising process to find effective solutions to leadership issues.

I believe that good leadership development is about understanding and accepting who we are at the most authentic level, particularly about why we hold the perspectives, views, beliefs that we do.  Also, being able to shift anything that limits our ability to think and function strategically and/or maximise our leadership potential. 

My qualifications include MA (Consciousness Studies) USA, BA (Soc.Sciences) NZ, Certified Integrative Coach USA, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) International Coach Federation.

Jenny Devine - Integrative coach

Jenny McDonald

Jenny McDonald - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I am a senior leadership development practitioner, specialising in the Neuroscience of Leadership. I have a business background, having begun my career in the City of London, as a shipbroker and member of the Baltic and Mercantile Shipping Exchange.

I have held senior roles with the global organisation P&O Nedlloyd and my career has been internationally focussed, encompassing London, Australia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. I set up my own consultancy in 2007 in New Zealand where I work with government and private sector organisations.

My work is primarily in the areas of:

  • development, design and delivery of long and short term leadership programmes
  • development and delivery of neuroscience of leadership programmes and workshops
  • using neuroscience principles to design and support organisational change
  • leadership development consulting solutions for organisations
  • consulting to organisations to increase organisational buy-in to change initiatives
  • senior executive coaching and facilitation; working with individuals and senior teams to support them in becoming more effective leaders of people and results
  • brain-based leadership assessment diagnostics.

Lately, I've been:

  • using brain-based diagnostic and development tools for fast-track leadership development
  • focusing on leadership-team coaching and on-going development.
  • working with neuroscience to inform and support organisations.

I have a passion for effective leadership, believing that a combination of evidence and practical application leads to learning and behaviour change. 

I qualified as a Shipbroker in the United Kingdom and hold a Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management from Victoria University in New Zealand, as well as an MSc in The Neuroscience of Leadership from Middlesex University, United Kingdom.

Continuum Consulting Group

Joan Wilson Jones web

Joan Wilson-Jones - Facilitation and Design

I bring an extensive background as an acclaimed public sector senior manager, with relevant undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications and a variety of recognised accreditations to my work.

I am renowned for my success in leadership and management, particularly around performance feedback, change and conflict resolution.

I believe that flexibility is the 'name of the game' in relation to leadership development, with right-time, right-topic, and right-method approaches being paramount to accessibility and learning.

Some of the attributes I believe successful leaders have include having clear insights into themselves, a deep understanding of others, the courage to stand apart, the compassion to connect, and passion to foster and develop future leaders.

My well-established consultancy is into its fifteenth year of business. My work is practical, evidenced based, experiential, holistic and most importantly, proven to be highly successful across a range of professions and sectors.

My qualifications: BA (ACS), MEd (Adult and Workplace Education).

Kristen Cooper web

Kristen Cooper - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

My career spans middle and senior manager roles in marketing, planning and human resource management. I have been running my own consultancy practice for 20 years and gained experience in a broad range of organisations.

My leadership development practice is grounded in heightening self-responsibility and self-awareness for leadership impact, and is informed by strengths-based research.

I help people explore the leadership requirements posed by their role, organisation and industry contexts, and align those contexts with the unique experiences, perspectives and skills they bring to their work. This is all done with a view to helping them find, align, hone and develop confidence in their particular leadership voice and contribution. 

I have coached hundreds of people in many different situations, with roles ranging from chief executives to specialist staff members.

My current areas of speciality are in inspiring and charismatic leadership, and strategy implementation. I am also interested in brain research as it relates to leadership practice, strengths-based leadership and positive psychology, innovative practice at work, and challenges for women in leadership.

Lesley Fraser web

Lesley Fraser - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

Leaders work with me to grow their leadership mindsets and their understanding of authentic leadership.

I am skilled at building open, trusting relationships. My coaching and facilitation: 

  • gets to the essence of the situation
  • generates new thinking
  • is solutions and forward focused
  • builds a strong sense of commitment and accountability
  • makes things happen!

This is not a soft option and it is always with the client's success and excellence in mind.

Leadership development embraces ways of thinking and growing bigger minds - it's more than tools and strategies. My work supports people to grow their leadership mindset, question their assumptions, draw on the expertise and influence of others and collaboratively chart ways forward, often in complex, ambiguous situations.

I've been a professional coach and facilitator since 2003, following an extensive career in education. I am proud to hold the International Coach Federation's Professional Coach certification (PCC). I am committed to on-going professional development as a coach and facilitator and am also accredited in Genos EI and TMI.

Fraser Consultants Ltd

 Linley Rose web

Linley Rose - Executive Coaching

I bring 5,000 hours of coaching conversations and the reputation of being a challenging, empowering partner to ensure a leader’s success, growth and expansion. I have many years of coaching, and coach training assignments with significant global companies. I hold the highest industry coaching credential - a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

My diverse working life has included my corporate experiences coming from the financial services sector. My executive coaching client base, from over 13 years, covers a huge range of sectors, in many countries.

I endeavour to be an expert in coaching, rather than in any one specific subject leaders could be grappling with. I love to work with leaders who embrace change, want to be the best role model for their people, are open to exploring who they are, and want to create collaborative, high-performance teams and organisations.

Good leadership means confident capable leaders who understand that other people are the key to their greatness.

Coaching Associates

Mandy Davies web

Mandy Davies - Executive Coaching

I work with leaders, teams and organisations across New Zealand, Australia and Asia specifically focusing on coaching, leadership development, culture and talent programmes. I am accredited in a variety of coaching methodologies and assessment tools (MBTI, LSI, OCI, MSCEIT and Genos Emotional Intelligence, Realise2 Strengths assessment, 360 Reach Personal Branding) and draw on elements of neuro-leadership and positive psychology principles in her coaching. I am a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF); the world's largest professional coaching body.

I have held executive human resource positions in New Zealand and Australia, and worked across large, multi-national companies, not-for-profit organisations and a range of industries.

I have a curiosity and passion for growth and development. My diverse expertise supports sustainable change for individuals and organisations. I am motivated to see others expand their horizons and achieve extraordinary results in their personal and professional lives.

My clients say I am authentic, optimistic, fun, thought-provoking and results-focused. My contagious enthusiasm builds passion, excitement and commitment that propel people forward toward their goals.

Balanced Focus Consulting

 Martin Fenwick web

Martin Fenwick - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

Whether coaching or facilitating, I like to get people thinking. As a result, I like to challenge perceptions and help people see their own biases in action. Often it's not the immediate result that matters, it's the dialogue that does. So, I create an environment where people take a concept and play with it. That's how leadership becomes more than just an idea.

I started life as an engineer and moved quickly into management, where I spent a career in change and restructuring. My passion for leadership developed with each of my promotions, and I found coaching before it was 'trendy'.

I left corporate life to see if I could make changes without power and authority, and found that capability is where true leadership lies.

My top three areas of expertise:

  • moving leadership from concept to action
  • leadership style/brand
  • understanding self and others (thinking, motivation and behaviours).

Unconscious bias has become a big thrust for me and will be in 2017. I believe there is a greater demand for opening-up what's behind who and how we are as leaders. This year I aim to publish some New Zealand-based research on this topic.

My background is in 'Leadership of change'. I write in this area as theCHANGEfactor and deliver training in leading change, surviving change as well as mentoring leaders through change initiatives. As I continue to work in the leadership space I find that the real results are delivered through development of dialogue in relationships and that everything else is a tool to support that end.

I see good leadership development as compelling, challenging and engaging, with a strong dose of self-review, and accountability that leads to a call to action and lasting personal change.


Maxine Walker web

Maxine Walker - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I am an independent consultant, designer, facilitator and coach specialising in leadership development. I am passionate about enabling leaders to reach their potential for the good of themselves, their organisation, and the New Zealand public sector.

I provide leadership development programmes and coaching, underpinned by neuro-leadership frameworks, for individuals and teams, and run a range of training events on topics such as strategy development, facilitation skills and communicating with impact.

I specialise in performance improvement frameworks, change management and team development.

I have worked internationally, and hold an honours degree in sociology, a United Kingdom-equivalent degree in law, and postgraduate qualifications in enterprise management. I am a qualified Results System coach and an accredited consultant for a wide range of team, individual and 360 degree tools for Team Management Systems.

Good leadership comes from within. It is about individuals working together to leverage their strengths to motivate and inspire others to be their best to improve outcomes. I aim to facilitate this through my relaxed, down-to-earth and flexible approach.

I'm currently working with agencies to incorporate the Leadership Success Profile into their leadership development approaches. I'm also coaching a wide range of leadership teams across the system, working with them to build cohesive strategic strategies and associated business implementation plans. 

Michelle McCormack July 2016

Michelle McCormack - Facilitation and Design

I'm an experienced manager and leader who facilitates and coaches others to succeed, to improve their results. I'm known for my practical and commercial approach, combined with an energetic and engaging style.

As the Founder and Director of People Focus, a leadership consulting company, I facilitate strategy and business planning workshops, team days, focus groups, meetings, learning and development programmes and events.

I work to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, providing practical tools, frameworks and skills for everyday use – coaching leaders and teams to take action, to follow through, to measure the impact and results.

I am an International Certified ™ - Professional Facilitator, benchmarked and assessed for the professional competencies of the International Association of Facilitators in 2016.

I am a Conversational Intelligence (CI-Q) ™Certified Coach, and an accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach with Genos International.

Current leadership development programmes include:

Pacific Leadership Programme (PLP): A leadership programme to unlock the potential of Pacific leaders, developing their capability and confidence. Since 2012 this programme has been delivered in the Cook Islands, Samoa and Fiji, through the partnership between New Zealand Customs Service and Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The pilot programme was independently evaluated Using the OECD DAC criteria. The findings were; excellence for relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and impact; with a finding of very good for sustainability.

Inside Out- Leading the Way: This programme equips mid-level leaders to deliver on strategy using their unique position for 360-degree influence and impact. Over 100 people have completed this programme and form an active leadership network within New Zealand’s largest regulator, Ministry for Primary Industries.

Advisory Leadership: This programme builds the capability of advisors to lead through influence. To date six cohorts have completed this programme and then actively influenced strategy and policy across the education sector.

Norm Chorn web

Dr Norman Chorn - Facilitation and Design

As an LDC provider panel member, I emphasise the role of strategic leadership in enhancing the effectiveness of organisations. I facilitate the crafting of a focused strategy to address the needs of stakeholders, and then develop an appropriate culture and organisation design to execute the strategy.

My work centres on the strategic alignment of organisations and the development of future strategy in complex and uncertain environments.

I'm trained in economics and the social sciences. I have worked in industry in senior leadership roles and spent the last 20 years consulting across the private and public sectors in New Zealand, Australia, UK and South Africa.

I also research and publish regularly in the space of strategy, leadership and organisation development, particularly in complex and uncertain environment.

Top three areas of expertise:

  • strategy in complex and uncertain environments
  • strategic alignment of organisations; strategy, culture and organisation design
  • strategic leadership.

Good leadership development is a combination of exposing participants to an election of powerful and useful frameworks and then allowing them to explore how these may be applied in their own environments. Participants need the opportunity to generate their own meaning from these frameworks, and then be supported by providing effective coaching and mentoring services.

Lately, I've worked on a range of programmes that combine neuroscience principles with strategy, organisation development and strategic leadership. Specifically:

  • Strategy in conditions of uncertainty
  • Developing versatile and agile organisations
  • Grow the team brain - enhancing the capability of teams
  • Strategic thinking and decision making.


Paul Pringle

Paul Pringle - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I am an executive coach, designer and facilitator working across the New Zealand and Australian private, public, professional sporting and not-for-profit sectors.

I began my professional life as an employment lawyer and human resources consultant with Minter Ellison, New Zealand Police and the Department of Corrections, before moving into leadership development at the New Zealand Outward Bound School; a role that has informed my pragmatic and experiential approach to coaching and facilitation. My approach stems from the belief that nothing is as practical as a good theory (so long as it is practiced).

I assist clients in the four key aspects of great leadership:

  • career choice and change
  • resiliency and wellbeing
  • leadership of high performing teams
  • strategy, design and executive presence.

I work as Programme Director for the Institute for Strategic Leadership's residential programmes held in Queenstown and Brisbane. I also hold degrees in law, commerce, career development and psychology, and am accredited in most psychometric instruments.

Dr Paul Wood web

Dr Paul Wood - Executive Coaching

I believe in people's great capacity for positive change and growth. Personal and professional development is my passion! This passion is the result of my own extreme experience of overcoming adversity and engaging in positive change and growth.

My Master's degree and Doctorate focused on how people's personalities and other attributes differ from one another and how knowledge of such differences can assist people to be as effective as possible in the workplace. Thanks to this understanding, I am committed to assisting others identify and achieve their leadership goals based on what is important to them, what is authentic for them, and what will work for them.

I have extensive experience working with people at the highest levels in both the private and public sectors. Among other things, I have expertise in assisting people manage undesirable behaviours that are holding them back, helping people more effectively manage their priorities, stresses, and frustrations, and developing strategies to effectively manage difficult relationships with others.

Lately, I've being working a lot with client's on authentic, values-driven, and purposeful leadership. Another area of more recent and growing focus is leadership confidence, brand, and speaking/presenting skills.

You can find out more about my journey and passion for development in my TEDx talk.

Switch Coaching and Consulting

Paula Feathers web

Paula Feathers - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I am a qualified Executive Coach and an Accredited Mediator and Facilitator with more than 25 years' experience.

Before coming to New Zealand from the United Kingdom with my family in1994, I held leadership roles in retail, local government and the oil industry. I also lived and worked in Japan and France.

My skills lie in being able to explore complex concepts in an engaging, energetic and accessible manner. My background in session design, coupled with mediation experience, means that I can be flexible and responsive to group needs and more challenging group dynamics.

While I work mainly in the New Zealand public sector, I also have clients in the banking, construction and insurance industries. My other work with non-government-organisations has taken me to Nepal.

I am an Associate Credentialed Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation with over 500 hours coaching experience, a qualified Professional Coach Supervisor (IECL) and am accredited to use both MBTI (Steps I and II) and the full suite of TMS instruments

My other qualifications are MBA, BSc, MCIPD, Acc M.LEADR.

Paula Feathers Consulting

Rob Handyside web

Rob Handyside - Facilitation and Design

Being a member of the LDC provider panel gives me the opportunity to co-facilitate with a number of the other providers. I facilitate the Management in Action and Leadership in Practice programmes.
My background has been as a public sector manager. This experience coupled with my enthusiasm for facilitation led me into the work.
During the action learning process in programmes, participants have added a whole lot more to my understanding on the leadership challenges we currently face.
My most recent professional interest has been designing and facilitating leadership programmes for technical leaders who do not have people management responsibilities. I am continuing to develop this interest with colleagues.

My qualifications include a Master of Social Work (MSW) and Graduate Diploma Human Resources (Grad. Dip. HR).

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Sue Hornblow web

Sue Hornblow - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I am an experienced executive coach, facilitator and trainer, and developing people is my passion. My clients value my positive encouragement, savvy commercial nous and coaching ability. I expertly challenge people to stretch and grow their interpersonal capability and confidence to deliver results.

I recognise that a significant challenge exists for leaders to achieve results through others. Critical to leadership development is identifying what your personal leadership style is, and how your strengths can bring out the best in others. As an executive coach, I work closely with people as they develop and understand the relationship between how they habitually think and how they behave, and how all this impacts their current level of effectiveness.

I work closely with clients to design and deliver customised development programmes that build the knowledge, skills, confidence and ability of their people in line with their values, capability frameworks and organisation priorities.

I am a seasoned learning facilitator with breadth and depth of expertise to draw on when designing coaching and facilitating. I deliver highly interactive sessions with an emphasis on learning through doing, applying skills in live work situations, and reflecting on the experience to sustained behaviour change and ongoing learning.

My early career as a winemaker and then National Sales Manager helped to shape my leadership style. In these roles, I had to lead a diverse group of direct and indirect reports. It was here, I recognised a passion for developing others, for helping to fuel sparks of interest.

In 2002, I joined a global training consultancy. Here I was exposed to best practise global development thinking. I worked in New Zealand and Australia training senior and mid-tier executives across a broad range of services. A desire to be a long-term partner in individual’s development, lead me to establish my own consultancy, Key Performance Group, in 2008. I offer coaching, facilitation and customised training that draws on academic research, while being pragmatic in application.  My experience in both the public and private sectors means I offer commercial and fresh thinking.

I am accredited to use globally recognised tools including: The Leadership Circle Profile, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Genos Employee Motivation Assessment, and Myers Briggs: MBTI Type 11.

Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts - Facilitation and Design

I work with leaders on the human dimensions of leadership. I am passionate about mindfulness and facilitate leaders as they explore presence and authenticity.

I help leaders and teams to deepen self-awareness, connect with others, and build stronger relationships and collaborations. I work with leaders to enable them to remain centred and resilient as they embrace uncertainty and ambiguity, lead change, and guide others to make new meanings.

I create opportunities for deep reflection that ground leaders’ actions and offer practices that lead to genuine transformation.

I have worked as a Senior Lecturer in Conflict Transformation in a British university. I am an experienced mediator, coach, conflict-intervener and trainer in Non Violent Communication.

I can assist leaders as they shape challenging conversations, deal with raw emotions and work skilfully with conflicts. I also teach about influence, persuasion and counter manipulation, and am very interested in stewardship, deep values and legacy.

Yvonne McLean web

Yvonne McLean - Facilitation and Design; Executive Coaching

I love working with people to support their development and growth as a leader. I have broad experience working with leaders at all levels both in New Zealand and overseas. People appreciate my warm and empathetic style both in my coaching and facilitation. And, I am not afraid to challenge clients; to stretch them and their thinking.

Based in Auckland, I work with clients around New Zealand, Asia Pacific and further afield. Geography has never been a barrier for clients who choose to work with me.

One of my proudest professional accomplishments has been developing the New Zealand Global Women Breakthrough Leaders year-long programme for senior women. Launched in 2010 it is now a highly sought after programme for senior women leaders. Since then, I have developed other in-house Women in Leadership programmes for commercial organisations.

In my coaching, I meet my clients with whatever they present, and work to the outcomes that they are looking for; I do not specialise in specific coaching topics or niche areas as such. I have a special interest in communication, coaching (both coaching and training people in coaching leadership), building resilience and overcoming fear and negative self-talk and dealing with conflict. I also work with clients both from the private and public sectors. With my background outside the public sector, I bring a fresh and commercial perspective, which my public sector clients have found refreshing.

I have practical experience as a leader within large organisations, both national and global, and lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Germany and New Zealand. Before training as a coach, I was a lawyer specialising in Intellectual Property litigation. I worked in large law firms in London and New Zealand. I was the lead lawyer for Microsoft, United Kingdom and a member of its executive management team for the last eight years of my legal practice. My background, therefore, enables me to relate to people from different backgrounds and levels of experience.

My qualifications include: B A Hons (Oxon) in Modern Languages and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) through the International Coach Federation. Other professional qualifications include: Admitted as a Solicitor in England and Wales and Barrister in New Zealand (until I stopped renewing those memberships when I changed career), LEADR trained Mediator, Certified NLP Practitioner, mBIT Coach and certified GENOS Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. I have the exclusive licence to deliver Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway© programmes in New Zealand workplaces and I am on the faculty of the Forton Group, an International Coach Federation accredited coach training school.

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