Brenda Ratcliff
When I consider good leadership, I think Lao Tzu (6th century BC philosopher) said it best: "When the leader's work is done right, with no fuss or boasting, then ordinary people say, "Oh we did it"." To me, this means good leadership does not spring from a place of ego or fear, but rather from self-awareness, humility and clarity of vision and action.

LDC coach

My coaching expertise is in mBraining (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This transformative suite of skills integrates thoughtful leadership practice with 'heart leadership' and the wisdom of 'trusting your gut'.

Prior to becoming a coach, two of my treasured roles were the Lead Human Resources Advisor, Organisational Development, Ministry of Social Development coaching leaders and designing workshops, and Director, Office for the Community and Voluntary Sector, where I 'lived and breathed' the interface between government and the community and voluntary sector.

My top three areas of leadership development expertise focus on:

  • presentation skills, which includes how to present yourself and your work to your full advantage, and how to use influencing skills, body language, storytelling, and presentation structures that work
  • how to be the best version of yourself by clearing thoughts, habits, and behaviours that are not useful in the leadership space
  • charting career paths that align passion and talents to secure roles that bring meaning and purpose.

In 2016 I travelled to Brunei as guest author of the International School who were running their annual 'Book Week', with a Hobbit theme. I shared 'The Hero's Journey' by Joseph Campbell as a self-coaching and presentation tool. Teachers and students cast themselves as 'heroes in their own lives' and mapped personal past challenges to the structure of Greek Myth, enabling them to access their own resilience and courage for current and future challenges.

I am also a certified iWAM coach - Inventory of Work Attitude and Motivation. This online diagnostic tool helps teams and individuals understand their preferred methods for internal processing of information and communicating with others. It's super-helpful for teams who want to sharpen their external influencing skills and decrease conflict get on the same page internally. For individual coaching clients it helps them set criteria for finding roles where they will thrive, and also understand how to modify their own communication styles to work well with colleagues and managers.

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