Dave Winsborough
I believe that leadership is a resource for the good of the group, tribe, organisation or country. It matters who is in charge. I want to emphasise the fact that being promoted - managing one's career - is different from being a leader and inspiring a team. In my view, leaders should demonstrate integrity, competence, good judgment and vision - in that order.

LDC facilitator

I trained as a clinical psychologist and worked in the hospital and prison systems for five years before moving to Wellington. I began working in the fields of organisational development, team coaching, and personnel selection.

I have had a close association with academic psychology, particularly with Robert Hogan, a prominent personality theorist. He undertook original research on senior leadership teams in New Zealand and the personalities of chief executives and developed a method of aggregating personality to profile groups and teams. My most recent publication was a chapter in the Advances in Global Leadership, 2014.

I have worked on several, large system-level interventions, including being a high- performance coach to major transport projects. I also co-designed leadership frameworks for the New Zealand Army, Defence Force, Police, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Meridian Energy, and coached senior public and private sector management teams.

I have grown my own company over 20 years to a staff of 15, with offices in Auckland and Wellington.

If you'd like to find out how Dave can help you or your agency, please contact LDC at info@ldc.govt.nz or 04 473 2222.


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