Digby Scott
I’m known as a thought leader and practitioner who brings a fresh approach to leadership development. I work with ‘restless go-getter’ organisations and leaders who are on a mission to make a difference. My aim is to help people to think and act in new ways so that they nail it.

LDC facilitator

I’ve learned that we need to tap both our inner ‘rebel’ - the part of us that wants to challenge the status quo - and our inner ‘prefect’ - the team player who works within a system. Fusing our inner ‘rebel’ and inner ‘prefect’ together is what creates effective, adaptable leaders who are able to ride the next wave of change and continually rise to every occasion.

Over the last 20 years working in the leadership and organisational development fields, I’ve seen how deliberately cultivating an adaptable nature from these two fused parts has completely transformed my restless go-getting clients allowing them to thrive in the face of change.

As leaders we get to choose our futures. Do we shrink back and play it safe, or do we learn how to adapt, lean in to discomfort and rise above, paving the way for our people to do the same?

We often can’t control change; some we initiate ourselves, others are forced upon us.

Whatever it is for you – I’m ready to partner with you and show you how to fuse your inner rebel and prefect together, how to ride the waves and how to get your people to do this too. 

If you'd like to find out how Digby can help you or your agency, please contact LDC at info@ldc.govt.nz or 04 473 2222.


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