Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger
At a time when organisations are often forging new pathways, leadership is about creating the conditions for people to be their most creative, connected, intelligent selves.

LDC faciliator

I am internationally recognised for my work supporting leaders who need to increase their ability to thrive under conditions of growing complexity, uncertainty and change.

Few people know how to lead intuitively; leadership is a discipline as much as accounting, law, or engineering. If we want organisations where people are thriving and bringing their best, we need leaders who are learning.

I design and teach long-term leadership programmess that expand not only the way leaders work but also the way they think about the world.

My book, Changing on the job: Developing leaders for a complex world has been called 'quite simply the best book on leadership and adult development out there.' My next book, Simple Habits for Complex Times: Powerful practices for leaders (co-authored with Keith Johnston) is out and will soon be published in Chinese and Russian.

My current focus is on helping leaders thrive in complex and unpredictable environments.

I have a Masters degree and a Doctorate (in adult development) from Harvard University. Formerly an associate professor at George Mason University in the United States, my family and I became New Zealand citizens at Government House on Waitangi Day 2014.

If you'd like to find out how Jennifer can help you or your agency, please contact LDC at info@ldc.govt.nz or 04 473 2222.


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