Dr Paul Wood
I believe in people's great capacity for positive change and growth

LDC coach

I believe in people's great capacity for positive change and growth. Personal and professional development is my passion! This passion is the result of my own extreme experience of overcoming adversity and engaging in positive change and growth.

My Master's degree and Doctorate focused on how people's personalities and other attributes differ from one another and how knowledge of such differences can assist people to be as effective as possible in the workplace. Thanks to this understanding, I am committed to assisting others identify and achieve their leadership goals based on what is important to them, what is authentic for them, and what will work for them.

I have extensive experience working with people at the highest levels in both the private and public sectors. Among other things, I have expertise in assisting people manage undesirable behaviours that are holding them back, helping people more effectively manage their priorities, stresses, and frustrations, and developing strategies to effectively manage difficult relationships with others.

Lately, I've being working a lot with client's on authentic, values-driven, and purposeful leadership. Another area of more recent and growing focus is leadership confidence, brand, and speaking/presenting skills.

You can find out more about my journey and passion for development in my TEDx talk.

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