Jenny Devine
I work as an executive and leadership coach and facilitator across a range of industries.

LDC coach

My core area of interest and expertise is 'conscious leadership' and how the essence of leadership mastery requires an essential intrinsic shift. I challenge my clients to gain self-insight through understanding their conditioned modes of operating and how to consciously reset their dial.

I am a Certified Integrative Coach (USA) with over 2000 hours coaching experience and holds a Certified Professional Coach credential from the International Coach Federation. I am a certified consultant with The Leadership Circle 360 Profile, have a B.A Soc. Sciences (NZ), an M.A. Consciousness Studies (USA) and am a certified yoga teacher (USA). Formerly a NZ trained Comprehensive Nurse, I spent 13 years in operational and project management roles across multidisciplinary teams in the NZ public health sector before co-founding Harper Devine Ltd., a consultancy company to the health sector, focusing mainly on leadership development. I have been married to Stu for many years and have two adult sons.

Conscious leadership is a key part of the programmes I run with my colleague Sandy Burgham at Play Contemporary Leadership Co-Lab. Combined with The Leadership Circle 360 Profile, Kegan’s stages of adult development and Jung’s personality archetypes of ego, persona and shadows, this work supports leaders to do the very challenging work of 'looking inwards' or 'under the waterline' at who they are being and to understand how this, inevitably, is the key driver of their overall leadership impact and effectiveness. I offer a a 90-120 minute presentation of this work to organisations.

If you'd like to find out how Jenny can help you or your agency, please contact LDC at or 04 473 2222.


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