Martin Fenwick
I see good leadership development as compelling, challenging and engaging, with a strong dose of self-review, and accountability that leads to a call to action and lasting personal change.

LDC coach and facilitator

Whether coaching or facilitating, I like to get people thinking. As a result, I like to challenge perceptions and help people see their own biases in action. Often it's not the immediate result that matters, it's the dialogue that does. So, I create an environment where people take a concept and play with it. That's how leadership becomes more than just an idea.

I started life as an engineer and moved quickly into management, where I spent a career in change and restructuring. My passion for leadership developed with each of my promotions, and I found coaching before it was 'trendy'.

I left corporate life to see if I could make changes without power and authority, and found that capability is where true leadership lies.

My top three areas of expertise:

  • moving leadership from concept to action
  • leadership style/brand
  • understanding self and others (thinking, motivation and behaviours).

Unconscious bias has become a big thrust for me and will be in 2017. I believe there is a greater demand for opening-up what's behind who and how we are as leaders. This year I aim to publish some New Zealand-based research on this topic.

My background is in 'Leadership of change'. I write in this area as theCHANGEfactor and deliver training in leading change, surviving change as well as mentoring leaders through change initiatives. As I continue to work in the leadership space I find that the real results are delivered through development of dialogue in relationships and that everything else is a tool to support that end.


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