Melanie Boyle
I am of both Pākehā and Māori descent (Ngāi Tahu) and a mother of two young daughters. I have over 20 years of leadership experience working with, advising and delivering to chief executives and senior leaders, as well as coaching and building high-performing leaders and leadership teams.

LDC facilitator

I am passionate about empowering and developing young women to step forward and develop their leadership. I advise leaders on how to attract, retain and advance women millennials in response to generational changes in our workforce. My focus is on women in the leadership pipeline and accelerating the development of millennial talent.

I am a high-energy facilitator and design well thought out tailored programmes that get results. I have a straight-up approach and am known for my ability to get the best out of people in a highly engaging way. My sessions are dynamic and lively.

I work with people to harness their strengths to become better leaders and to develop their authentic leadership style. I provide individual or team-based coaching to enable leaders to incorporate strengths-based principles for greater engagement, team work and performance as a Gallup-Certified Strengths Leadership Coach.

I have led and delivered highly complex transformational programmes designed to enable organisations to co-create culture, common purpose and strategy and ultimately build and maximise organisational-wide employee engagement.

My experience is in New Zealand and the United Kingdom with a wide range of organisations including government departments, local government, not-for-profit organisations, privately owned companies and the health sector.

If you'd like to find out how Melanie can help you or your agency, please contact LDC at or 04 473 2222.

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