Sue Hornblow
Being a more effective leader does not mean you change who you are. It means you are more able to be at your best in more situations. Your leadership then has scale. You lift the capability of others around you, your team, and your collective results.

LDC coach and facilitator

I am a seasoned coach, facilitator and trainer. I enable conversations that help people to gain different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities they are facing, so they have a wider range of approaches to help them move forward. I am Auckland based, and frequently in Wellington.

The areas I have an interest in are:

  • Leading through influence: skills, tools and techniques to get real buy-in and generate desired outcomes
  • Transition coaching to support people who are recently promoted or want to step up their leadership for future opportunities
  • Stakeholder engagement: collaboration and relationship skills to achieve shared outcomes
  • Collective leadership: working with teams to shift their culture and enhance their collective impact
  • Team facilitation 
  • Conference speaking on the above topics.

As a facilitator, I design and deliver tailored interactive sessions. These have an emphasis on learning through doing, applying skills in real situations, reflecting and learning from experience to build confidence and skill. These draw on sound research, while being pragmatic in application. My experience in both the public and private sectors means I bring a combination of commercial nous and fresh thinking.

I am on the faculty of The Leadership Circle and facilitate LCP certifications in New Zealand. (The Leadership Circle Profile, The Leadership System and Collective Leadership Culture Survey).

Other certifications include:

  • Genos (Emotional Intelligence and Employee Motivation Assessment)
  • Immunity to Change 
  • Myers Briggs: MBTI Type 11. 
If you'd like to find out how Sue can help you or your agency, please contact LDC at or 04 473 2222.


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