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Our corporate office team based in Wellington is led by Chief Executive Rosemary Hannah-Parr and senior managers Sue Shotter, Karen Quigan and Marian Mortensen.

Rosemary Hannah-Parr, Chief Executive

Rosemary believes today's leaders need to take opportunities to broaden their perspectives, try different things and take on challenges. Rosemary's experience in organisational development, management and consulting in the public and private sectors in New Zealand and overseas has seen her involved in exactly those types of development.

With degrees in sociology and education, Rosemary has always been interested in how society functions. It was the social studies that really appealed - looking at the broader perspectives, says Rosemary.

Following a regional health management role, Rosemary travelled to Sydney in the late 80s, and later to Asia and Pacific, continuing to work in health.

I was able to observe and work with people from different cultures and sections of society. There was lots of learning about people; what drives them. I saw huge commitment and passion.

Rosemary was involved in the new and challenging times of HIV/Aids prevention in Australia. That time really highlighted the manager's role of letting people play to their strengths, alongside clear business objective, working as a team. I also learnt a lot about political nous.

It was really important to go into the field and see what was happening, first hand, and to meet the primary and community health workers.

It's crucial for leaders not to be remote from the real world. That's a challenge for public sector leaders particularly Wellington based. We need to remind ourselves why we are leading our teams and agencies.

Rosemary's interest in people couples with her strong business focus. She has worked with people, organisations and businesses to achieve their potential. The public sector needs to ask if it is really going to make a difference, is it value for money and Is it relevant for today's world?

Today's leaders need to take risks. They need to be challenged. LDC is helping our leaders live up to their potential.

Rosemary firmly believes that a leader's legacy is largely determined by success in developing future leaders. She notes that the research is compelling - there is a clear link between developing people and improving business performance.

Noeline Stevenson 6 website 

Noeline Stevenson, Executive Services Officer

Karen Quigan

Karen Quigan, Manager System Leadership Development

Craig Owen

Craig Owen, Business Services Manager

 Nicola Richardson

Nicola Richardson, Leadership Development Programme Manager

Marian Mortenson

Marian Mortensen, Manager Stakeholder Engagement and Communications

Angus Bain website 6

Angus Bain, Researcher/Industrial and Organisational Psychologist

Amanda Baker

Amanda Baker, Research Analyst

Jerry Gratfon

Jerry Grafton, Senior Advisor

Raewyn Pointon 110

Raewyn Pointon, Executive Leadership Coach

Janet Mcaskill 101

 Janet Macaskill, Leadership Development Coach

Julio Palafox

Julio Palafox, Programme Advisor

 Shani Scott

Shani Scott, Programme Coordinator

 Cathy cropped 2

Cathy Henry, Communications Specialist

 Khyai Patel

Khyati Patel, Business Analyst

 Kate Wakelin

Kate Wakelin, Executive Assistant/Office Administrator

Catherine Hay

Catherine Hay, HR graduate

 Lynn 2 website small

Lynn Evans, Finance and Procurement Administrator


Carin Posthuma, Accountant

Our Scholars' Panel

The LDC Scholars' Panel is a small group of academic leadership experts from New Zealand and overseas, responsible for advising the LDC on the research to commission, use and disseminate to members. The group meets three times a year.

The panel includes:

  • Brad Jackson, Head of School of Government, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Jennifer Garvey Berger, Cultivating Leadership principal (New Zealand)
  • John Benington, Public Management and Policy professor from University of Warwick (United Kingdom)
  • Rosemary Hannah-Parr, LDC Chief Executive (New Zealand)
  • Angus Bain,  Researcher/Industrial and Organisational Psychologist (New Zealand).



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