LDC has been asked to develop a system-view of the leadership development programmes delivered across the system, through agencies. The purpose is to build a common approach to leadership development, connect and share best practices across the system, and reduce duplication of effort and resources across agencies.

The ‘Stocktake’

We’ve been engaging with agencies since March 2017 to ask for their input into developing a picture of what leadership development programmes are being delivered in the system. This is represented in the form of a spreadsheet that collates the information about the various programmes and short courses being offered.

Who will benefit from this Stocktake?

OD/LD/HR specialists from agencies can use this Stocktake to identify what programmes or short courses are currently being offered. This enables the sharing of information and content to reduce duplication.

Download the Ecosystem fact sheets

For more information about the Ecosystem work, please contact Nicola Richardson.

Eco System Shared Data of Agenices Final Q1 2018 (spreadsheet xlsx)