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Leadership Insight is a component of the system-wide talent management approach being developed by the State Services Commission, together with chief executives and the LDC. The outcome of Leadership Insight is to deepen understanding of how best to use development and deployment.

The Leadership Insight process includes a common assessment approach to ensure consistent measurement of leaders and development planning.

Aligned with the Leadership Success Profile

Aligned with the repositioned Leadership Success Profile, the Leadership Insight process will:

  • help leaders build an awareness of their leadership strengths and specific areas for development
  • inform conversations with chief executives, managers and at Career Boards on development, deployment and investment decisions
  • provide both an agency and system view to identify potential gaps and enable the proactive development of critical skills
  • support the identification of both agency- and system-level themes and trends, and enable the design and evaluation of leadership development programmes
  • make it easier to source talent from across the system.

The process was launched in August 2015, and participating senior leaders from Career Board agencies began registering to complete the assessment phase with Cerno, the assessment provider. 

Leadership Success Profile development options

To find the relevant resources for your leadership development needs, go to our Leadership Success Profile development options page.

LDC supports individual development planning and system advice to chief executives

As the delivery partner, LDC will be available to provide development planning support and advice to individuals as they consider their assessment feedback, and their leadership strengths and specific areas for development.  We will also have a role in analysing both agency- and system-level development themes and trends, and recommending appropriate interventions and resources to chief executives and at Career Boards.

Chief executive guide to Leadership Insight development planning

This guide for chief executives sets out what you can expect during the Leadership Insight development planning process, while also demonstrating the different ways that you can use conversations to engage with your leaders to help them meet the challenges of leadership development.

Leadership Insight assessment phase

Your capabilities as a senior leader in the New Zealand public sector are at the centre of Leadership Insight. This initiative has been designed with your future in mind because you can make a big difference to the way the public sector works for New Zealanders.

The assessment phase of Leadership Insight will provide you with an awareness of your leadership capabilities so that you can make an informed decision as to what experience or activity will progress your growth as a leader - regardless of whatever your long term plan is.

As part of the development process your chief executive or manager will be talking with you about what you think is going to work for you - but you don't have to develop a plan or approach on your own. 

As the principal advisor on senior leadership development in the public sector, LDC will be partnering with your chief executive and your agency to make sure that the right development support is available for you and other leaders.

The Tool Box: Leadership Insight development planning

See our Tool Box for development planning guidance.

You will find the Leadership Insight Development Guide, GROW Coaching Model, SMART Development Goals, Development Discussion Plan, and Leadership Insight Individual Development Plan (IDP) template.

More information

Further information about Leadership Insight is available from agency human resource leaders or by contacting Raewyn Pointon, Manager Leadership Insight Programme, LDC.

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