The LSP180° assessment is a fast and effective tool for those new to a role and who are wanting to start a conversation with their manager about how to work in the role and their development needs.

LSP180° process

Following nomination by your agency to participate in the LSP180° assessment, you will receive an email from LDC providing you with information on how to complete the set up the LSP180° process. LDC will then email you and your manager a link to the online survey. You will have approximately two weeks to complete this before your LSP180° report is generated.

What is the assessment investment?

  • LDC member agencies: $210 + GST per person
  • Non members: $420 + GST per person

Are responses identifiable?

Your self-assessment and your manager’s responses will be individually identified in your LSP180° report.

Feedback and follow-up action

The feedback process is at the heart of this assessment – your report is designed to be used as a basis for a conversation between you and your manager about your mutual expectations of the role and your development.

Is my report confidential?

You will receive two hard copies copies of your report from LDC. These are the only two copies of the report and it is up to you to choose who you share them with. Unless otherwise specified, copies of your report will not be sent electronically.

Aggregated information may be used for agency and system-level analysis, however, no individual is identifiable in this process. Anonymised and aggregated data may also be used to help define future leadership development interventions.

More information

For more information about the LSP180° process:

Phone: 64+ 4 473 2222