Starting a job as a people leader for the first time can be daunting. It can be one of the most difficult transitions in your career. Many new people leaders find it hard to leave behind the behaviours that made them successful in their previous roles. They often don’t have the skills and capabilities to become effective people leaders or know where to start their development.  

The My Development Tracker assessment helps new people leaders discover and reflect on the skills and behaviours they should focus on to develop their leadership capability.  

The assessment assesses the seven transition areas that are most important for new people leaders to focus on when transitioning into their new roles. These are:

 Seven transition areas for new people leaders graphic and text

My Development Tracker will help you:   

  • and your manager have informed development conversations.
  • identify the areas where development should be prioritised.
  • with learning tips specific to your development needs.
  • plan your next steps and development activities.
  • keep on track and understand where you’re heading. 
  • create habits that will help you achieve your goals.

How do I sign up?

We recommend that you complete My Development Tracker within the first 90-days of starting your new role, so that both you and your manager are familiar with the responsibilities that you’ve been tasked to carry out.  

To begin the process, either you or your manager needs to contact the Leadership Development Centre (LDC) at Include the names and work email addresses of both yourself and your manager.

Next, you and your manager will receive an email with a link to the assessment. The assessment takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Thirty statements are rated on a scale ranging from ‘not at all like me’ to ‘just like me’. The assessment helps analyse the behaviours that you demonstrate most frequently in your work.

After you have completed the assessment, LDC compiles the development report and emails it directly to you. LDC doesn’t send a copy of your report to your manager, so you will need to forward them a copy.

My Development Tracker costs $180.00 + GST per person. 

Your results and development planning 

The development report shows where you are in your transition to becoming a successful people leader. The results should not be used as a tool to measure performance; they’re provided to give you a place to start thinking about your development. 

Reflect and plan

Once you have received the report, you can start to reflect, plan, and focus on the areas you need to develop in your role.

You should answer the follow-up reflection questions soon after you read the report and before you meet up with your manager. This will help you reflect on the results and clarify your thinking before meeting with your manager.

You can also start your development plan and get ready to discuss it with your manager.

Your manager’s role 

Both you and your manager should schedule a development planning meeting together to discuss the results of the report. Give your manager a copy of your report in advance, so they can be ready to discuss your development plan and goals. Allow time for your manager to reflect on the results and prepare any questions for the meeting.


We recognise that your privacy is important and protect all the information we collect as part of our products and services. Your results will only be seen by the LDC analyst who generates the report, yourself and your manager when you share it with them.

Prompts for development conversation

It’s important that you discuss with your manager the follow-up questions in your report. Ideally, you should take the lead on the conversation. To support your conversation here are some suggested areas you might wish to explore: 

  •  What development priority is rated the strongest – how can I keep fulfilling this?
  •  What development priority is rated the lowest – what specific goal areas could I set?
  •  What surprised me about the results – were they higher or lower than I expected?
  •  Where did my scores differ the most – explore possible reasons for this?
  •  What were we both thinking about when we answered questions on that topic?
  •  What area do I want to develop first and why – is this consistent with my manager’s thinking?
  •  Which development priority is aligned with my short- and long-term goals – is it in line with the manager’s thinking and can they support me?
  •  If I am to make a shift in a development priority, which one do I think will have the biggest overall impact on my leadership?

 Ensure by the end of the conversation with your manager, you have talked through an overall development plan and agreed goals for the duration of the New People Leader Development Programme. 

For more information  

To find out more about the My Development Tracker process, please email

You have the option of completing the assessment again after you’ve been in your role for some time to review your progress and identify any new areas for development.