How membership works

LDC membership is available to all public sector organisations within New Zealand - including crown and state-owned entities, district health boards, school boards and regional councils, by way of a levy set according to agency size.

Here's an overview of what happens once your organisation becomes an LDC member.

Full membership (core and non-core)

  • LDC contacts your agency chief executive and HROD team to meet with you to identify the leadership development needs of your agency.
  • Then, depending on your agency's needs, LDC will:
    • run introductory clinics for agency staff to become familiar with LDC and what we do and offer to members
    • work with you to assess and/or benchmark your senior leaders skills, knowledge and experience
    • present results of assessment data
    • work with the agency chief executive and HROD team to develop a leadership development strategy for the agency and identify the agency's nominated leaders
    • help you to implement the strategy by developing individual development plans that draw from LDC's range of programmes, events, knowledge and information
    • help you to evaluate your strategy, drawing on data collected throughout implementation.

LDC membership rules

Before an agency's membership can be confirmed, the 'Leadership Development Centre Membership Rules' must be signed by the agency.

Download the LDC Membership Rules (pdf).