LDC 2016 Fellowships 

We are pleased to announce our 2016 LDC Fellows:

  • Duncan Reed, General Manager System Transformation, Department of Internal Affairs

Duncan’s research focus is on collaboration and co-creation. He wants to generate system-level environments that allow teams to create and implement change and assist the public sector’s goal of delivering superb customer outcomes.

  • Jayne Russell, General Manager, Employer Services, Ministry of Social Development

Jayne will investigate businesses’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) approaches. Work and Income are increasing their opportunities to partner alongside business with CSR strategies that address sustainability and benefits to society, to maximise client employment opportunities.

Both of the Fellows’ proposals were submitted under the ‘Better Public Services’ theme. Duncan is looking at ‘Leadership of strategy’ and Jayne, ‘Leadership that builds sustainability, resilience and connections’.

Leadership in Practice scholarship winner

LDC is pleased to announce Jana Newman from Antarctica New Zealand as the successful applicant for its 2015 Leadership in Practice scholarship.

As part of our commitment to supporting leading practice leadership development across the New Zealand public sector we offer this annual scholarship for a high-performing leader from a small member agency (50 FTE or under) to participate in Leadership in Practice.

Find out more about the 2016 Fellows and the new LiP scholarship recipient in LDC's next e-letter due out on 18 December.