Insights From Executive Design Summer Camp, Chicago

Members found out how:

  • we might uncover new insights, generate concepts and bring them to life in an impactful way
  • leading practitioners are using Design Thinking to address complex challenges
  • you can 'make to think and learn' by prototyping within the government context.

Jim Scully, ThinkPlace Partner and New Zealand service design pioneer, had just returned from a study trip to the United States. There, he connected into leading innovation and design thinking practices, recharged, and positively benchmarked New Zealand practices. Jim attended an intensive executive design camp in Chicago, run by the Institute of Design for professionals interested in the latest design thinking methods. Those attending were responsible for innovation in their corporations and not-for-profits. Four of the attendees, including Jim, had also founded their own design thinking and service design practices.

Jim also had some observations from a 'design jam' he was asked to run for the United Nations Development Program. He co-facilitated this session with Russ Gaskin (Co-Creative and Green America), combining design thinking and polarity thinking.

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