Leaders at all levels in public services are facing unprecedented challenges requiring a wide range of expertise, skills and dispositions.

Delivering better public services poses a challenge for leaders across the State sector. The Prime Minister's 10 result areas require us to do things differently and to do different things. We have new leadership roles: results leads and supporting leads. We all need to step up as leaders to ensure collaboration across agencies actually happens, to share ideas and new models, and to free up resources so they can be put where they matter most. Facilitated by David Albury, this clinic explored leadership for the delivery of better public services.

David Albury

David Albury is co-chair of The Innovation Unit in the UK and an independent consultant and policy adviser specialising in strategies for organisational and system transformation in public services. He is Visiting Professor in Innovation Studies at King's College London and an Associate of the UK Institute for Government. From 2002 to 2005, David was Principal Adviser in the UK Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, where, amongst other responsibilities, he led a major review of education strategy and policy and co-authored the influential report on Innovation in the Public Sector. He chaired the 2004 review of the British National College of School Leadership.

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