Conflict and Courageous Conversations: How to build high performing teams, by talking about what matters.

Event Details

  • 25 November 2020
  • 10:30am - 12:00pm
  • Virtual-Zoom
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Conflict (opposition, friction, resistance, disagreement, pickle, scrap, fight, battle), whether internal or interpersonal, is not only inevitable as a human being and leader of others, it is essential. Why? Because conflict provides you with an awareness of what you really think and feel, and what you really want (and this clarity of focus, is a strong predictor of whether your staff will know what you want from them).

However, conflict and difficult conversations can be complex. So, you need a framework to both recognise, address, resolve or lean in; as well as a toolbox for having those difficult conversations. 

This 90 minute learning lab provides you with an introduction to the five-factor framework from Paul Pringle’s 1.5 day Conflictworks Masterclass; and an opportunity to question and consider further conflict development opportunities in 2021.

Facilitator: Paul Pringle

Paul Pringle is the Managing Director of Strategy Group, and an executive coach, strategist and facilitator who works with senior leaders, athletes, academics, professional services firms, entrepreneurs and artists who require tools for elite performance. Paul holds degrees in Law, Business, Career Development and Psychology has 20 years’ of experience working at the highest levels of law, human resources, sport performance and psychology. Paul sits on the MBIE Panel advising the public sector. Paul believes the best strategy, leadership and performance tools enable clients to thrive under pressure, stress or discomfort (physically, psychologically, relationally) and when faced with conflict or change.