Leadership Link

Experiential learning development

Leadership Link is a new cost-effective, experiential learning programme where participants gain intensive, practical experience in another organisation or context to challenge and stretch their leadership skills.

Leadership Link is a joint initiative between the Leadership Development Centre and the State Services Commissioner and public sector chief executives.

The programme is based on research that shows experiential learning is likely to have three times more impact than learning in a formal classroom setting.

Leadership Link is aimed at high potential identified and emerging leaders from participating organisations. As Leadership Link is still in its pilot phases, only invited organisations can participate at this stage.

Following the pilot, Leadership Link is likely to be extended to all of the public sector, as well as some private sector, iwi, crown entity and not-for-profit organisations, in 2016.

Find out more about Leadership Link

LDC members can find out more about what Leadership Link is, including its purpose, who can participate, which organisations can participate, how participants will be linked to opportunities, the benefits, costs, and commitment required.

For non-LDC members and anyone who would like more information about Leadership Link, please contact Raewyn Pointon or Janet Macaskill (phone 04 495 0164).

Leadership Link development opportunity benefits all

John Nisbet, Nisbet, Regional Manager, Central South, Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu, The Correspondence School (Te Kura), recently completed a full-time, two-month experiential development opportunity at the State Services Commission as a participant in LDC's experiential learning programme, Leadership Link.

Find about the benefits and learning John gained from the opportunity as well as the opinions and observations of the host and home agency managers, Gordon Davis, Chief Legal Advisor at the State Services Commission, and Mike Hollings, Chief Executive at Te Kura.

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