Senior Learning Network

The Senior Learning Network (SLN) is a learning experience for public sector managers of managers, focusing on building high-performing teams that deliver results for the benefit of New Zealanders.

The SLN will prepare senior managers of managers to lead in the current and future context of the New Zealand public sector. With five single-day workshops spread throughout five months, online learning and reflection, peer coaching and on-the-job practice, the SLN will support senior managers to implement what they learn into their day to day role.

Are you a senior leader who is a manager of managers and:

  • is looking for tips on how to manage a team of managers
  • is seeking guidance on how to coach and develop managers who report to you
  • wants to learn from other senior leaders on how to translate strategy into action and goals
  • needs time to stand back and reflect from the business to better plan and lead
  • is curious and courageous enough to try something new to improve your ability to lead teams and deliver great results?

 This learning experience involves your direct-reports and manager throughout. 

Benefits of being part of the Senior Learning Network

  • Access to leading-edge leadership theory. You, and your wider team will have access to content and theory online. You'll be able to come prepared to the workshops, ready to practice and share your understanding.
  • Build your network of senior public sector leaders and learn from their experiences and successes.
  • Learn from an expert facilitator and senior guest speakers.
  • Undertake the LSP360° Assessment to get insight on your own leadership practice.
  • Form a coaching trio (yourself and two peers) to provide ongoing support as you implement what you learn. 
  • Receive regular feedback from your direct-reports on what they are seeing you do differently.

Programme themes 

The SLN is aligned with the Leadership Success Profile (LSP) capabilities of enhancing people performance; developing talent and enhancing team performance.

The themes are:

  • Understanding the role of a Public Service middle manager and the future context. 
  • Leading outside your technical expertise.
  • Developing talent and team diversity.
  • Building dynamic teams through coaching and delegation. 

Entry requirements

  • Offered to public sector managers of managers, with support from their managers and direct-reports

Time and cost commitments

  • The programme runs over five months, which includes five single-day workshops.
  • LDC member rate: $3,300 + GST

2017 programme schedule

Kick off session: 13 July, 9.00–10.00am

Workshop day 1: 10 August, 9.00am-5.00pm

Workshop day 2: 6 September, 9.00am-5.00pm

Workshop day 3: 5 October, 9.00am-5.00pm

Workshop day 4: 31 October, 9.00am-5.00pm

Workshop day 5: 7 February 2018, 9.00am–1.00pm


Email Shani Scott, Programme Coordinator to register now.

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