LDC tailored programmes

Tailored programmes let LDC members choose from a range of leadership development modules to customise for their organisation.

It is an ideal option for an agency wanting to meet specific individual or agency goals. These programmes also suit agencies looking for a one-off programme that fits within an existing suite of programmes.

For example, a tailored programme focused on strategic vision could feature modules on strategic alignment, polarity management, leading complex organisations, scenario planning and future building.

An alternative, designed to improve service delivery, might feature modules on the machinery of government, leading through change, operational governance, innovation and design thinking and innovation for delivery of Better Public Services.

Or, another focused on individual improvement, might feature modules on managerial courage, mindfulness, executive presence and values, vision and leadership.

For more information, contact our Leadership Development Programme Manager Nicola Richardson 04 494 8385.

Agency tailored programmes

Leading through Influence, Ministry of Social Development

Based on LDC’s Management in Action programme, Leading through Influence is a tailored six-month programme for principal analysts at the Ministry of Social Development.

Participants will:

  • explore a wide range of tools and techniques for managing relationships at all levels
  • learn how to support and develop others to enhance performance
  • develop skills to lead major policy projects and deliver high-quality policy advice.

Leading through Influence is made of four two-day workshops, action learning sessions and one-on-one coaching.

The programme runs from 1 February to 24 July 2017. 

Building Capable Managers, Central Agencies and Natural Resources

The two Building Capable Managers programmes are each tailored for Central Agencies and the Natural Resources sector.

The programmes are designed for new managers wanting a solid foundation in leadership and management skills. Existing managers wanting to develop and grow their skills are also encouraged to attend. The programmes support managers to work within a group to examine the basics of management and leadership to transition from specialty areas to manage and lead others. Topics include: Getting work done through others, relating skills, managerial courage, identifying and selecting talent and inspiring others.

The programmes include workshops and action learning sessions over a period of 7-12 months.

If you are interested in participating in these programmes, please contact your agency HR representative.

NZDF Institute for Leadership Development

As part of our role, LDC assesses and advices on interventions to contribute to system leadership behaviour. We share leading practise across the public sector. The NZDF Institute for Leadership Development has a number of leadership development programmes that are open to participants from the wider public sector. These programmes involve outdoor activities designed to challenge leaders.

NZDF programme summary (pdf)

For more information contact the NZDF Institute for Leadership Development on ild@nzdf.mil.nz  04 527 5415.