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Digby Scott

Digby ScottDigby is known as a leadership development practitioner and coach who brings a fresh approach. He works with restless go-getters who are on a mission to make a difference. His aim is to help people to think and act in new ways so that they nail it.

Brenda Ratcliff

Brenda RatcliffBrenda's coaching expertise is in mBraining (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This transformative suite of skills integrates thoughtful leadership practice with 'heart leadership' and the wisdom of 'trusting your gut'.

Kristen Cooper

Kristen CooperKristen's career spans middle and senior manager roles in marketing, planning and human resource management. She has been running her own consultancy practice for 20 years and gained experience in a broad range of organisations. Kristen's leadership development practice is grounded in heightening self-responsibility and self-awareness for leadership impact, and is informed by strengths-based research.

Michelle McCormack

Michelle McCormackMichelle is an experienced manager and leader who facilitates and coaches others to succeed, to improve their results. I'm known for my practical and commercial approach, combined with an energetic and engaging style.

Dr Norman Chorn

Dr Norm ChornDr Norman Chorn emphasises the role of strategic leadership in enhancing the effectiveness of organisations. Norman facilitates the crafting of a focused strategy to address the needs of stakeholders, and then develop an appropriate culture and organisation design to execute the strategy. His work centres on the strategic alignment of organisations and the development of future strategy in complex and uncertain environments. 

Rob Handyside

Rob HandysideRob's background as a public sector manager coupled with his enthusiasm for facilitation led him into leadership development work. During the action learning process in programmes, participants have added a whole lot more to Rob's understanding on the leadership challenges we currently face.

Jenny McDonald

Jenny McDonaldJenny McDonald is a senior leadership development practitioner, specialising in the Neuroscience of Leadership. Lately, she's been: using brain-based diagnostic and development tools for fast-track leadership development, focusing on leadership-team coaching and on-going development, and working with neuroscience to inform and support organisations. Jenny has a passion for effective leadership, believing that a combination of evidence and practical application leads to learning and behaviour change.

Dr Jennifer Garvey Berger

Jennifer Garvey BergerJennifer Garvey Berger  is internationally recognised for her work supporting leaders who need to increase their ability to thrive under conditions of growing complexity, uncertainty and change. Jennifer designs and teaches long-term leadership programmess that expand not only the way leaders work but also the way they think about the world.

Jane McCann

Jane McCannJane coaches chief executives and their teams in real-time (Leadership Impact Analysis) often pre- or post-Performance Improvement Framework reviews, or when a team wishes to go from Good to Great to Exceptional. She replicated Mintzberg's observational studies with public sector Chief Executives for her Master's thesis and added the risk management role to his taxonomy in the New Zealand context. 

Sue Hornblow

Sue HornblowSue Hornblow is an experienced executive coach, facilitator and trainer, and developing people is her passion. Sue's clients value her positive encouragement, savvy commercial nous and coaching ability. She expertly challenges people to stretch and grow their interpersonal capability and confidence to deliver results.

Jenny Devine

Jenny DevineJenny Devine believes that good leadership development is about understanding and accepting who we are at the most authentic level, particularly about why we hold the perspectives, views, beliefs that we do. Also, being able to shift anything that limits our ability to think and function strategically and/or maximise our leadership potential.

Tim Roberts

Tim RobertsTim Roberts started practicing mindfulness in 1997 while leading teams of detectives in the British police. Mindfulness remains the single, most valuable set of learning experiences in Tim's life, so much so that he now teaches mindful leadership. Tim has found that mindfulness, apart from helping him to become more effective, has revealed a sense of peacefulness and stability within himself and he actually feels more alive. Tim has a lot more to say about mindfulness and the importance it has for leaders.

Martin Fenwick

Martin FenwickWhether coaching or facilitating, Martin Fenwick likes to get people thinking. As a result, he likes to challenge perceptions and help people see their own biases in action. Often it's not the immediate result that matters, it's the dialogue that does. So, Martin creates an environment where people take a concept and play with it. That’s how leadership becomes more than just an idea.

Yvonne McLean

Yvonne McLeanYvonnne McLean loves working with people to support their development and growth as a leader. She has broad experience working with leaders at all levels both in New Zealand and overseas. People appreciate Yvonnne's warm and empathetic style both in her coaching and facilitation. And, she is not afraid to challenge clients ? to stretch them and their thinking.

Dave Winsborough

David WinsboroughDavid Winsborough believes that leadership is a resource for the good of the group, tribe, organisation or country. It matters who is in charge. He wants to emphasise the fact that being promoted - managing one's career - is different from being a leader and inspiring a team. In David's view, leaders should demonstrate integrity, competence, good judgment and vision - in that order.

Graham Hart

Graham HartGraham Hart is known for delivering leadership interventions that mobilise leaders by encouraging self-awareness, insight and personal flexibility, and foster collaborative leadership cultures. He is passionate about helping managers and organisations create 'constructive impact' through effective leadership.

Ali Tocker

Ali TockerAli is a practically-minded leadership development consultant, known for her accessible style and extensive knowledge of how people develop most effectively at work. She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Education. She's worked with leaders locally and internationally and has been the Director of Tocker Associates Ltd for the past 17 years.

Paula Feathers

Paula FeathersPaula Feathers is a qualified Executive Coach and an Accredited Mediator and Facilitator with more than 25 years’ experience. Paula's skills lie in being able to explore complex concepts in an engaging, energetic and accessible manner. Her background in session design, coupled with mediation experience, means that Paula can be flexible and responsive to group needs and more challenging group dynamics.

Joan Wilson-Jones

Joan Wilson-JonesJoan Wilson-Jones brings an extensive background as an acclaimed public sector senior manager, with relevant undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications and a variety of recognised accreditations to her work.

Mandy Davies

Mandy DaviesMandy Davies works with leaders, teams and organisations across New Zealand, Australia and Asia specifically focusing on coaching, leadership development, culture and talent programmes. She is accredited in a variety of coaching methodologies and assessment tools (MBTI, LSI, OCI, MSCEIT and Genos Emotional Intelligence, Realise2 Strengths assessment, 360 Reach Personal Branding) and draws on elements of neuro-leadership and positive psychology principles in her coaching.

Alistair McDonald

Alistair McDonaldFor individuals or teams who need to set goals, develop strategic plans, require individual or team coaching, Alistair McDonald has experience with a wide range of challenges to deliver practical positive results. Even through business-change, I can get you on-track and focused, and help take your people on the journey with you.

LDC 2015 Fellow Tania Warburton

 Tania WarburtonOn 24 June, LDC 2015 Fellow Tania Warburton, Policy Advisor (Legal), Policy Advisory Group, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, began research on leadership models within the corporate legal sector and compare the New Zealand government's in-house legal services model with that of the United Kingdom. One of her objectives will be to strengthen cross-government capability and delivery in corporate legal sector leadership.

LDC 2015 Fellow Evelyn Wareham

Evelyn Wareham2015 LDC Fellow Evelyn Wareham, General Manager, Customer Insights, Analytics and Research, Statistics New Zealand, has started her study and research, which focuses on innovation. Evelyn will look at strategies and initiatives for unlocking the value of data as a key enabler of state-sector reform, government transparency and economic advantage.

LDC 2015 Fellows Sally Washington and Lis Cowey

Sally Washington Lis Cowey

For the second year running, we awarded a joint LDC Fellowship - this time to: Lis Cowey, Principal Advisor on Strategy, Change and Performance, The Treasury and Sally Washington, Programme Manager, The Policy Project, Improving the quality and performance of policy advice, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Lis and Sally's research will look at public sector leadership in design thinking and innovation methods across the policy and implementation spectrum. Find out more about Lis and Sally's study and research in this presentation (pptx).

LDC 2014 Fellow Karl Le Quesne embarks on study and research

Karl Le QuesneKarl Le Quesne, Group Manager, Early Childhood Education, Ministry of Education 2014 Fellowship focuses on Better Public Services key result areas  collaboration for collective impact. Karl went to the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, United States, for a week of leadership 'boot camp'. He then travlled to the United Kingdom to look at Whole Place Community Budgets - a public sector reform initiative that devolves resourcing and authority to local communities to achieve better health, education and social outcomes for local people.

LDC 2014 Fellows David Habershon and Craig Soutar

For the first time a joint Fellowship has been awarded to David Habershon, Chief Information Officer, Ministry for Social Development and Craig Soutar, Chief Information Officer, NZ Transport Agency, who will undertake study and research offshore, assisting implementation of the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plan to 2017 (ICT2017).

LDC 2014 Fellow Bryan Chapple

Bryan Chapple2014 LDC Fellow, Bryan Chapple's (General Manager, Strategic Policy, Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) fellowship will take him to the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He will visit staff at several of the school's institutes to find out more about their recent research, which is directly relevant to New Zealand's economic development. Bryan's focus on effective New Zealand economic development strategy involves addressing the need to work with multiple stakeholders. Bryan will also undertake two courses of study on strategic leadership.

LDC 2014 Fellow Janine Dowding

Janine DowdingJanine Dowding, Regional Commissioner for Social Development, Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast, Ministry of Social Development  has begun her LDC 2014 Fellowship and is participating in the Harvard Business School's Leading change and organizational renewal programme. After, she will visit several organisations in the United States to find out at first hand from their leaders about the challenges, successes and pitfalls experienced through big-change programmes.

LDC 2013 Fellow Carolyn Risk

Carolyn Risk 2013 LDC Fellow Carolyn Risk, Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Governance at Internal Affairs, will be writing about her research trip to the United States and Canada. 

LDC 2013 Fellow Robert Brodnax

Robert Brodnax 2013 LDC Fellow Robert Brodnax, New Zealand Transport Agency Regional Manager, Planning and Investment, in the Waikato/Bay of Plenty region will be writing about his research and study trip to the United States and United Kingdom.