David signed off Blog #4 mentioning the ‘changing role of the CIO’.  How this is changing and what we need to better understand and prepare for, is a key thread of our joint Fellowship.  

Our role is at a big intersection of people, processes and technology. Our opportunity as Gartner has outlined at the Academy and follow up sessions, is to accelerate up the evolutionary path in which we operate to manage the enterprise change domain as depicted in the diagram below (from Gartner Enterprise Change paper):

Blog 5 diagram v6

All of us as CIOs do some of this at times and what we need to focus on is how do we do this more, as this is where the real leadership opportunity exists. Over the next few weeks both of us are considering our future paths to drive up these value layers for our agencies, sector and all-of- government.

We have also spent time studying enterprise change capacity being the ability of an enterprise to change its organisation, processes or business model while maintaining continuity of operations. It is a measure of how much change the enterprise can take on at a point in time.  Many CIOs that I have spoken to back home have shared a similar interest in working out what is that threshold, when you add projects, programmess on top of service/operations, including release management as well as any organisation change in-flight. The quote below is a fair summation of the natural tensions we come up against when we advance change and a resource kit we have sourced, along with insights from some of our meetings will again provide future direction and uplift for us:

“Organisations are encouraged to institutionalise best practices, freeze them into place, focus on execution, stick to their knitting, increase predictability, and get processes under control. These ideas establish stability as the key to performance. As a result, organizations are built to support enduring values, stable strategies, and bureaucratic structures, not to change

Built to change: How to achieve sustained organisational effectiveness by Edward Lawler and Christopher Worley

It is Sunday here in London, our last night before we travel to Europe so David and I will submit another blog on Wednesday after meetings in Copenhagen and Brussels.

Regards, Craig