New people leader

Moving into a new role as a people leader feels tougher, harder and lonelier than I’d expected. To be successful in my new role I need to…


8 learning activities

I am one of the crew

As a manager I understand that people will perceive and treat me differently. I need to act differently to show I represent the organisation.


2 learning activities

I rely on my existing knowledge and network to get work done

I build relationships with my team and across my organisation. I seek out and listen to diverse points of view.


2 learning activities

I focus on day to day tasks and short term goals

I understand my team's role in delivering on our organisation's strategy and purpose and I connect my team to the big picture.


2 learning activities

I do work myself and as the technical expert, provide solutions as needed

I achieve through others by setting clear expectations and planning, prioritising and delegating work.


4 learning activities

I am focussed on my own performance

I seek feedback and give timely, clear and constructive feedback, and have the tough conversations.

Coaching and mentoring

8 learning activities

I focus on my own development

I coach my team members to be the best they can be.

Development conversations

11 learning activities

I focus on my own development

I have regular development conversations.


2 learning activities

I do my 'admin' and follow my organisations processes

I role model the core management processes and practice of human resources, finance, procurement and technology.

Spirit of Service, Leadership Character, Think Customer, Think Aotearoa underpin the development priorities.