Brenda Ratcliff

Brenda's coaching expertise is in mBraining (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) and Neuro Linguistic Programming. This transformative suite of skills integrates thoughtful leadership practice with 'heart leadership' and the wisdom of 'trusting your gut'.

The highlights 2016

Making it through!  It's been a tough year all round, starting with the death of David Bowie, then Prince, now the US election result. So it is very important to celebrate highlights, and 'notice the gold nuggets' in the year. These have included the Government Information Sharing network (GOVIS conference), which brings together the information specialists from across the sector and showcases innovation and talent. Ditto the Women's Summit, where women told their unvarnished stories and sought inspiration from each other in how to be successful.

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What's hot and what's not in coaching tools right now

What's hot?

  • Making yourself a product in your own business - if you are in the communications business, try doing a communications plan for yourself.
  • Learning journeys - looking at a completely different industry to compare with your current industry.
  • Making coaching fun and interesting, walking coaching to stimulate the brain, creating 'Mind Maps' and collages during sessions, and using coaching cards to ask provocative questions.

What's not?

  • Sitting on your butt in a meeting room hoping your colleagues can't see you while you talk to your coach about what is wrong in your life.

This blog looks at one tool that's hot right now, and that's the 'Learning journey'.

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Christmas coaching tips: Blog by Brenda Ratcliff

Well here we are. The summer holidays and Christmas are almost upon us (unless you live in Wellington, then it feels the other way around).

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