David Winsborough

David Winsborough believes that leadership is a resource for the good of the group, tribe, organisation or country. It matters who is in charge. He wants to emphasise the fact that being promoted - managing one's career - is different from being a leader and inspiring a team. In David's view, leaders should demonstrate integrity, competence, good judgment and vision - in that order.

Getting leadership development back to its purpose: and it's not about you, cupcake

Humans live in groups, and there is always a status hierarchy in the group; being closer to the top of that hierarchy confers greater rewards, be they food, money, sex or decision rights. Therefore the person in charge is profoundly consequential to the wellbeing and lives of those who follow, or who are ruled. 

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Engagement continues to be a hot topic for the public service ? for three reasons

Firstly, the data proves overwhelmingly that staff engagement predicts nearly every important business outcome for individuals and organisations. When engagement is high, productivity and customer satisfaction go up, while absenteeism, mistakes and turnover go down. When the morale of a business unit is low, people turnover more often, and productivity and customer satisfaction decrease.

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