Digby Scott

Digby is known as a leadership development practitioner and coach who brings a fresh approach. He works with restless go-getters who are on a mission to make a difference. His aim is to help people to think and act in new ways so that they nail it.

How To Be Curious

The late novelist David Foster Wallace tells a wonderful story about ‘incuriosity’ in his commencement speech This Is Water:

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Meta-skills for interesting times

“May you live in interesting times.
May you live in an interesting age.
May you live in exciting times.”

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Are you a heat-seeking leader?

I've just spent the past week meeting with a range of leaders to debrief their 360 degree feedback. They work for the same organisation, which is going through a sustained period of huge turbulence and change (sound familiar?) As the week unfolded, I noticed an interesting theme emerging: the leaders who were rated the most effective in this environment, by far, had similar patterns in their own backgrounds. More specifically:

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