Jane McCann

Jane coaches chief executives and their teams in real-time (Leadership Impact Analysis) often pre- or post-Performance Improvement Framework reviews, or when a team wishes to go from Good to Great to Exceptional. She replicated Mintzberg's observational studies with public sector Chief Executives for her Master's thesis and added the risk management role to his taxonomy in the New Zealand context. 

How leaders are crafting cultures and my cultural biases

I recently wrote a chapter for a US leadership book about how New Zealand chief executives and leaders in Aotearoa/New Zealand are creating healthy organisational cultures. It got me reflecting on what I've seen over the twenty plus years that I've spent observing and shadowing hundreds of leaders across the state sector. Writing the chapter also helped me challenge some of my own monocultural biases. 

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Kiwi leaders - doing it their way!

How does Kiwi leadership practice take the lead? Whether it's cross-sector or systems-leadership[1], these two ways are shining through:

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Here's cheers to New Zealand public sector leaders

As we run up to Leadership Week (1-8 July) I've been thinking about leaders, past present and future, and want to say a big thank you to the leaders who’ve created the New Zealand we all wish to belong to.  It's not perfect - but being away for a month has made me appreciate the safe skies we fly in, the wonderful customer-orientated border control, the transport system and licensed cab drivers, the free health service, the clean restaurants and the great Wellington baristas.  

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