Jenny McDonald

Jenny McDonald is a senior leadership development practitioner, specialising in the Neuroscience of Leadership. Lately, she's been: using brain-based diagnostic and development tools for fast-track leadership development, focusing on leadership-team coaching and on-going development, and working with neuroscience to inform and support organisations. Jenny has a passion for effective leadership, believing that a combination of evidence and practical application leads to learning and behaviour change.

Brain hacks

‘Remarkable’ is the only word that comes even close to capturing the magnificence and majesty of the human brain. Yet, it manifests as 1400 grams of unremarkable jelly-like consistency comprising mainly water (75%) with small portions of fat (10%) and proteins (8%). It is the source of everything you will ever know, think, feel and believe, an intricate network of neural tissue as populated and complex as our Milky Way galaxy.

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How leaders build effective teams: insights from international conferences

With the theme, ‘Organization as Ecosystem’, the Summit included a series of presentations that paired neuroscientists with business leaders.

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