Tania Warburton

 On 24 June, LDC 2015 Fellow Tania Warburton, Policy Advisor (Legal), Policy Advisory Group, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, began research on leadership models within the corporate legal sector and compare the New Zealand government's in-house legal services model with that of the United Kingdom. One of her objectives will be to strengthen cross-government capability and delivery in corporate legal sector leadership.

The Leadership Dilemma

Leadership in Corporate Counsel

It was a hectic but fascinating time at Harvard Law School. Twenty-three Chief Legal Counsel from around the world (including Spain, Sweden, Holland, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, the Philippines and Australia) attended the ‘Leadership in Corporate Counsel’ programme. Attendees were the heads of legal divisions in some large corporations, including railways, airlines, luxury goods and financial institutions.

The structure of the course contained a mix of in-depth case studies and general lectures, based on the Socratic method. Preparation for the course was intense. The sessions were led for the most part by Professor Scott Westfahl and Professor David Wilkins. They covered five topics: Personal leadership, leading change, the changing global marketplace, motivation and development of professionals and leadership in crisis.

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Corporate lawyers and corporate clients: Power, practice and privilege

Symposium, Law School, University of Birmingham

Dr Stephen Vaughan, lecturer at the Birmingham University Law School, organised the symposium, 'Corporate lawyers and corporate clients: Power, practice and privilege', attracting a number of speakers from the UK and US. The purpose of the symposium was to explore the relationships between corporate counsel and their clients, the changing role of counsel, lawyers' ethics, their independence and duties.

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Trip to London

In my final two weeks away, I spent time in London meeting with my counterpart, the  legal advisor in the Prime Minister's office, at No. 10  Downing St and talking to various senior officials both in and outside the Government Legal Department, formerly the  Treasury Solicitor Office.

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