Martin Fenwick

Whether coaching or facilitating, Martin Fenwick likes to get people thinking. As a result, he likes to challenge perceptions and help people see their own biases in action. Often it's not the immediate result that matters, it's the dialogue that does. So, Martin creates an environment where people take a concept and play with it. That’s how leadership becomes more than just an idea.

Conformity ? the smother of invention: How leadership is influenced by bias

One of the speaking engagements that I am often invited to deliver I’ve called 'Culture change: Holy Grail or poison chalice?' I discuss the opposite sides of culture change ? from the unbidden aspects of culture that hold us back, to the potential for loss of something worth keeping by targeting a change for the wrong reasons or in the wrong way.

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All eyes are on you – leaders and congruence

There are many aspects of leadership that are challenging to the leader, but none more so than the fact that everything you do is watched by everyone within the organisation. Not only what you do, but how you do it. Your behaviours are constantly tested against the behaviours that you espouse and that the organisation expects.

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