Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts started practicing mindfulness in 1997 while leading teams of detectives in the British police. Mindfulness remains the single, most valuable set of learning experiences in Tim's life, so much so that he now teaches mindful leadership. Tim has found that mindfulness, apart from helping him to become more effective, has revealed a sense of peacefulness and stability within himself and he actually feels more alive. Tim has a lot more to say about mindfulness and the importance it has for leaders.

Mindful leadership

What is mindfulness? It's not mind control, self-absorption or escapism. You don't imagine being somewhere else and it's not a tool. Mindfulness is a way of relating to the present moment that does not depend on the conditions we face. We don't need to add mindfulness to ourselves because it is not external; rather it is a natural faculty of human consciousness. You already have this capacity and mindful leadership helps you to grow with it.

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Relaxation: the mother of all leadership competencies

By Tim Roberts, LDC provider panel member

I'm fascinated by the addictions that show up in people's leadership styles and in organisational behaviours. We all have addictions. I see them everywhere; often they are so obvious that they become normalised and therefore invisible. Whole leadership teams can collude in subtle addictions that actually distance them from their presence and power. I don't mean substance addictions, or craving flat-whites or even my insatiable love of tea. I do mean habitual attitudes, states of mind and certain behaviours that at low or moderate levels serve you well, but when they become excessive they have definite addictive qualities, they can have anti-leadership properties and they often produce tension and stress.

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