Dr Norm Chorn

Dr Norman Chorn emphasises the role of strategic leadership in enhancing the effectiveness of organisations. Norman facilitates the crafting of a focused strategy to address the needs of stakeholders, and then develop an appropriate culture and organisation design to execute the strategy. His work centres on the strategic alignment of organisations and the development of future strategy in complex and uncertain environments. 

When the going gets tough - the tough get … worse!

The performance myth

We’ve all been told that 'when the going gets tough, the tough get going', implying that high-performers perform best when placed under pressure. But worryingly, research evidence is clear - performance deteriorates under increasing pressure - whether in sport, business or relationships!

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Why can't people see the future?

"Why can't people see the future? It's so obvious that we need to change - yet the people can't see that there is a better way!" This is a cry I often hear from leaders and managers who are trying to implement change or improve things in their organisation. They complain that people don't 'get it' and seem rooted in what they know or their previous experience.

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Napoleon was a Neuroscientist!

Why Napoleon? We all know that Napoleon had magnificent victories at Toulon, Rivoli (perhaps his greatest of all time) and Austerlitz - but what's the connection with neuroscience? What did he know about neuroscience in 1797?

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Why can't my people be more strategic?

This is an area of much frustration for many of our clients. They feel that their people don't think strategically or apply enough creativity to recommended solutions. The executives then have to do their staff's strategic thinking themselves, often delegating less as a result. This can leave them feeling quite resentful as they have less time for their own strategic thinking -? all leading to a dangerous situation in rapidly changing environments.

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