Aenslee Tanner (she/her)

Coach list: Mid-level leaders of leaders, People and thought leaders

Phone: 021 202 9817
Location: Based between New Zealand and Ireland
Virtual delivery: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Signal

Aenslee’s career has spanned numerous countries across three continents. A former engineer and Division-I athlete, her research-based coaching methodology draws on adult stage (vertical) development and complexity theory, neuroscience, positive psychology and high-performance sport.

As part of her commitment to her own continuous learning and development, Aenslee recently ran her first 100km ultramarathon and completed a 10-day silent meditation course – challenging experiences that have given her a whole new appreciation for what it means to lean into discomfort in order to grow!

Aenslee has a warm coaching style that is candid, observant and evidence-based. She is passionate about supporting individuals to become more conscious leaders, capable of addressing today’s complex challenges by embracing ever more expansive and agile mindsets.

As an outcome of her work, clients develop the capacity to see, in every situation, more options for transformational action and ways to creatively influence the systems they’re a part of.    

Aenslee is a Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation) as well as a Qualified Immunity to Change Facilitator (Minds at Work) and Growth Edge Coach (Growth Edge Coaching).  She is also qualified to administer the Global Leadership Profile (Global Leadership Associates), a leadership assessment designed to provide insight into your current stage of adult (vertical) development.

Areas of specific leadership coaching expertise: 

  • Adult (vertical) development
  • Adapting to change
  • Navigating complexity 
  • Overcoming imposter complex
  • Cultivating sustainable well-being

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