LDC has created the New People Leader Development Programme, which is available to public service agencies, at no cost, to support their new people leaders’ transition.

Through research and engagement, LDC has identified the six development priorities that are the most important for new people leaders to focus on in the first 12 months of transition. These development priorities form the foundation of the programme. The priorities build on leadership characteristics and come from the Leadership Success Profile: Leadership Success Profile (LSP). 

Te tirohanga | Mindset
Te whakawhanaungatanga | Connect
Te Whāinga | Purpose
Te whakatutuki | Achieve
Te aro whaiaro | Feedback
Te whakawhanake | Develop

What are the components of New People Leader Development?

NPL 180° assessment
As part of the NPL Development participants have access to a 180° assessment at the beginning and the end of the programme. The assessment is a series of reflection questions aligned to the six development priorities that are answered by the participant and their manager and provide insights into the participant’s strengths and blind spots. The tool is designed to support development conversations and help the participant to focus on specific areas for development. The 180° assessment is provided free of charge by the LDC.

Development & Action Guides
There are six Development & Action Guides (D&A Guides) aligned to the six development priorities. The D&A Guides provide easy-to-access self-paced learning. They include an hour of content including videos, articles, leadership activities and reflection questions. A single guide will take a participant between two and four hours to complete and needs to be completed prior to a participant attending a facilitated session. The D&A Guides are provided free of charge by the LDC.

Facilitated sessions (Workouts)
Workouts are the facilitated face-to-face or virtual session that supports the learning from the D&A Guides. The 3.5 hour sessions are an opportunity to explore and discuss the content, activities, and learnings from the guides. The facilitator will challenge the participant, allow them to discuss the topics and apply learning to real world situations. The Workouts will need to be delivered by a facilitator on LDC’s prequalified supplier list or an internal facilitator. We recommend scheduling the sessions three to four weeks apart to allow for the completion of the corresponding D&A Guide.

Peer learning groups
Peer learning groups are a great way for participants to continue their development and learn from each other’s experiences. They provide an opportunity to discuss leadership challenges more freely than with a participant’s manager or direct reports.

Supporting facilitated sessions
There are several sessions that support the virtual and face-to-face programmes. The first is a participant and manager Kick-Off session where the facilitator gives an overview of the programme, expectations and sets the participant up for success. The virtual programme allows for two Connection sessions to help improve the networking and relationships between the participants. The programme concludes with a ‘Recall’ session where participants will share the key learnings from the programme. These sessions are an important part of the NPL Development Programme.

Manager & mentor support
The participants will need support from their manager and, ideally, a mentor. A mentor can be a sounding board and give valuable insights about being a leader in the public service. The manager should discuss the results of the 180° assessment and create a development plan with the new people leader. 

What are the options for agencies to access and deliver NPL Development?

Option 1: Agency delivered NPL Development Programme (recommended)

An agency-run programme with a cohort of 12 to 16 new people leaders including the following elements:

  • NPL 180° assessment (pre-programme)
  • 45 minute manager Kick-Off and 90 minute participant Kick-Off
  • Six self-directed Development & Action Guides
  • Six 3.5-hour facilitated sessions (delivered one at a time, or 2 back-to-back on the same day)
  • Peer learning groups after each facilitated session
  • Two 90-minute connection sessions (virtual delivery only)
  • 3-hour Recall session
  • NPL 180° assessment (post-programme)

Option 2: Agency delivered Workouts and D&A Guides

With this option the participant completes the 180° assessment, works through the D&A Guide for the current priority, and attends the next scheduled Workout. The Workouts are run as an ongoing loop, allowing a participant to start as soon as they become a people leader. Once they have completed all six development priorities, they have access to the post-development 180° assessment. We recommend keeping the numbers in each session to between 12 and 16. This option is recommended for large agencies with enough new managers to fill multiple courses per year.

Option 3: Self-directed learning with D&A Guides only

This option is completely self-directed and supported by the participant’s manager and/or mentor. The participant has access to the 180° assessment and D&A Guides from the LDC website, your intranet or LMS. The independent learning is supported by a pre-recorded facilitator video to help participants recap and gain insights into what they have covered in the D&A Guides.

Option 4: LDC delivered programmes 

LDC has regular intakes for the New People Leader Development Programme. This includes the six D&A Guides, each followed by a three-hour facilitated session (Workout). It is supported by Kick-Off and Recall sessions, and regular peer learning groups.

Who can facilitate NPL development?

LDC has vetted a list of pre-qualified suppliers for your agency to use as a facilitator pool (pre-qualified supplier list). A recommended fee has been arranged by LDC for the facilitation of NPL Development, and this can be found in the guides. You may also use an internal resource if an external provider does not suit.

How does an agency get started?

The fist step in rolling out NPL Development in your agency is to contact LDC to discuss the best option for you. 

Where can I find the resources?

As a member agency you have access to all of the NPL Development resources from links below. The pre-qualified suppliers will also have access to all of the resources and are familiar with the programme.

Please read the Terms of Use before downloading the NPL resources.

NOTE: Version three is the current version. Version two is available for agencies already running the NPL but we recommend updating to version three.

Download the resources below

New People Leader V3

New People Leader V3

View resources for New People Leader. This is the most current version.
New People Leader (Virtual) V2

New People Leader (Virtual) V2

NOTE: This is only for agencies currently running a cohort. The content has been superseded by NPL Version 3.
New People Leader (F2F) V2

New People Leader (F2F) V2

NOTE: This is only for agencies currently running a cohort. The content has been superseded by NPL Version 3.