Leadership Insight Development Guide

Turning insight into action

The Leadership Insight Development Guide is a self-contained and self-reflective tool for leaders to use to consider the wider aspects of their development.

GROW Coaching Model

This guide has been designed for leaders who aren't certain about what development focus to take and who would likely benefit from an exploratory conversation about their current context, aspirations and future possibilities. 

SMART Development Goals

This tool helps leaders to turn development planning conversations into development goals using the SMART framework. The tool is suited to leaders who are quite certain about what they need to do but would benefit from a conversation that their reasoning and methods are sound.

Development Discussion Plan

This Development Discussion Plan lays out the essential elements of a development discussion between an individual and their manager. It also includes questions that an individual should use to clarify their understanding of their development priorities with their manager. 

Leadership Insight Individual Development Plan (IDP) template

The IDP template includes a structured set of development parameters that draw out the core elements of the individual's development plan.

Download the Leadership Insight Tool Box files 2015 (zip).