(upbeat music)

Blue screen appears with text: How do you know when you need to change your leadership style?

Text appears at bottom left of screen: Arlene White Deputy Commissioner Service Delivery Inland Revenue

Arlene:  How do I know when I need to change my leadership style? A little bit of history from my perspective and how I learned to to identify what what the triggers are for when people aren't connecting with you has just come basically from experience.

I've worked with several different leadership teams over my 40 some year career and you really do get to see the behaviors and the the changes of cultures and in each office you go into that really should and be an almost intuitive and when you need to change your focus change your sense of direction and how you lead.

There are basics - the principles for me you're always being open and honest, communicative, collaborative, but sometimes you just have to tweak those things that are your management style to make sure that you're connecting with the people you're leading and you'll know that. It is more of a gut reaction, trusting your instincts but you will know it by the way your team behaves around you.