(upbeat music)

Blue screen appears with text: What advice can you give to new leaders?

Text appears at bottom left of screen: Paul Pringle LDC coach and facilitator infitnitegroup.co.nz

Paul: I think there’s two things that I see in my work with leaders. And the first would be, getting clear on what it is that they want for themselves as a leader, but specifically the team, at a weekly, monthly and annual level. And in consulting with the team, helping the team get clear on exactly what that is.

The second thing would be what I call, getting out of the way. So, a common problem with a new leader is
hanging on to their technical skills or ability, and ending up micromanaging their staff, which is a big no-no.

So, how do you get out of the way and give your staff autonomy to do what they’re best at?