The Leadership Development Centre (LDC) is a member organisation, which means agencies pay an annual levy to use our products, services and information. Find out about the benefits of being a LDC member and whether your organisation can apply for membership.


LDC membership is available to all public sector organisations within New Zealand by way of a levy which is set according to agency size.

Current LDC member agencies

LDC membership benefits

As part of Te Kawa Mataaho Public Service Commission, the LDC is the primary vehicle delivering leadership development across the public sector.

LDC member agencies benefit from our:

  • whole of system oversight, knowledge and connections
  • partnerships with expert leadership development professionals
  • established national and international networks within the leadership research community
  • strong expertise in leadership development.

We collaborate with a range of agency representatives including:

  • secretaries/chief executives
  • Human resources and organisational development (HR/OD) executives
  • New people leaders, new leaders of leaders, and senior system leaders
  • Aspiring leaders and others identified by their agency for leadership development

Benefits for member agency staff

Human resources (HR), organisational development (OD) staff and other member agency staff can sign up to create a personal online account and access:

  • our leadership development programmes, assessments and diagnostic tools
  • an HR/OD hub, where approved professionals share knowledge and information across the system
  • a network of expert coaches and facilitators
  • our research, toolkits and other resources
  • workshops and events, including virtual Learning Labs.

How membership works

Once an eligible agency’s membership is confirmed, a member of the LDC team will meet with your Chief Executive and HR/OD team to identify your agency’s leadership development needs.

Depending on those needs, we will then:

  • run an introductory clinic for your staff to become familiar with what we do and what we offer you as a member agency
  • help you assess and/or benchmark your senior leaders’ skills, knowledge and experience, and present the assessment data to you
  • work with your chief executive and HR/OD team to develop a leadership development strategy for your agency and help identify your nominated leaders
  • help you implement the strategy by developing individual development plans based on our programmes, events, knowledge and resources
  • help you evaluate your strategy, drawing on data collected as the strategy is implemented.

Talk to us about becoming a member agency

To discuss LDC membership, email us in the first instance and we will contact you to discuss next steps.