The LSP 180° assessment is a fast and effective tool for those who are wanting to start a conversation with their manager about how to work in their role and their leadership development needs.

The LSP 180° assessment is based on 16 capability areas, aligned to the Leadership Success Profile (LSP). You will complete a self-assessment across 60 statements, which your manager will complete as well.

The LSP describes leadership attributes, capabilities and behaviours that will enable participants to both lead their agency and work with others to have an impact across the Public Service. It is designed to have an inclusive view around leadership and places much greater emphasis on the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration, system stewardship and customer focus.


  • Non members: $460 + GST per person

Please note, these costs are for the report only. There may be additional costs if an accredited debriefer is required.

If you plan on reviewing the feedback solely with your manager there is no requirement for an accredited debriefer to be involved. However, if a formal debriefing on your feedback is planned, then the debriefer must be accredited in the use of our assessment tools.

Completing the LSP 180°

  1. Once you have approval from your manager or human resources (HR), email with a request for us to start the process.
  2. If needed, we will send you a nomination form to collect details required to set up the assessment.
  3. Once we have all the required information, we will email you and your manager a link to the online survey. You will have two weeks to complete this before your report is generated.
  4. Usually your digital PDF report will be emailed directly to you. However, if a formal debrief on your feedback is planned with anyone else, other than your manager,  then a copy of the report will be emailed to that person and they will share it with you. Any person who debriefs you on the feedback (other than your manager) must be accredited in the use of our assessment tools. Please note, in some cases your report might be emailed to an administrative assistant who is responsible for passing it on to your accredited debriefer.

Use of the LSP 180° information

Aggregated information may be used for agency and system-level analysis, however, no individual is identifiable in this process. Anonymised and aggregated data may also be used to help define future agency, sector or system level leadership development.