The Leadership Success Profile 360° assessment provides feedback for individuals in people leadership roles. Receive an in-depth view of your leadership strengths and development opportunities.

The Leadership Success Profile 360° (LSP 360°) is a comprehensive assessment with 5 core areas: strategic leadership, system leadership, talent management, delivery management and leadership character. These 5 core areas have been assigned 16 capability areas that describe the activities, behaviours and skills that public sector leaders should demonstrate.

It describes leadership attributes, capabilities and behaviours that will enable you to both lead your agency and work with others to have an impact across the Public Service. It’s designed with an inclusive view around leadership and places emphasis on the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration, system stewardship and customer focus. 

Leadership Success Profile (LSP) [PDF, 153KB]

With a 360° review, you’ll receive feedback from a broad range of stakeholders to get a solid understanding about your strengths and development areas. Respondents, including your manager, direct reports, peers and other stakeholders you work closely with, rate the frequency they see you exhibiting different leadership and management skills, attributes and behaviours. You will also complete a self-assessment.


Please note, these costs are for the report only. There may be additional costs if an accredited debriefer is required.

Completing the LSP 360°

  1. Read through the guidance on our website: Guidance for participants completing a 360° assessment [link to webpage]
  2. Once you have approval from your manager or human resources (HR), complete the nomination form and send to
    LSP 360° Nomination Form [DOCX, 112 KB]  
  3. Once we receive your completed form we will set up the assessment and email you and your chosen respondents a link to the online survey. You will have two weeks to complete this before your report is generated.
  4. Your digital PDF report will be emailed to your accredited debriefer and they will share it with you. Note, in some cases your report might be emailed to an administrative assistant who is responsible for passing it on to your accredited debriefer.

More information

Guidance for participants completing a 360° assessment
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