Learn about the leadership assessments we offer and how we can support your agency.

We can help agencies to:

  • understand the unique leadership profile of their organisation
  • determine team, group or organisation-wide leadership development needs and priorities
  • catalyse leader engagement with development initiatives
  • identify future leaders
  • improve team dynamics and peer relationships
  • support the development of high performing leaders and leadership teams that are well-placed to mobilise others to deliver on key priorities
  • build a learning and development-oriented leadership culture.

We can help leaders:

  • obtain a well-rounded view of their leadership capabilities
  • get personalised feedback on their strengths and development needs to help inform leadership development planning
  • strengthen their self-awareness and leadership agility
  • engage in growth-oriented conversations to get the most out of coaching and mentoring opportunities.

How we work with agencies

We recommend you meet with us to discuss and assess your agency's leadership development needs. Our 180° and 360° degree assessments align with Te Kawa Mataaho, the Public Service Commission's Leadership Success Profile.
Leadership Success Profile [PDF,153KB]

You can find more detailed information on our Guidance for managers and agencies page.
Guidance for managers and agencies 

Aspiring Leaders Profile 180°

Aspiring Leaders Profile 180°

A fast and effective tool for individuals considering leadership opportunities and are seeking to start a conversation with their manager about their development needs.
Aspiring Leaders Profile 360°

Aspiring Leaders Profile 360°

Feedback for people who demonstrate leadership potential but are not yet in formal leadership roles and would benefit from targeted development
Leadership Success Profile 180°

Leadership Success Profile 180°

An effective tool for new leaders looking for development feedback from their reporting manager
Leadership Success Profile 360°

Leadership Success Profile 360°

An effective tool for leaders looking for feedback on leadership behaviours and to assist with their leadership development planning.
Professional Specialist Leader 360°

Professional Specialist Leader 360°

Designed for people who hold a professional, specialist or technical leadership role