Dr Kate Mirfin

Coach list: Chief executives and system leaders, Mid-level leaders of leaders, People and thought leaders

Email: kate@cerno.co.nz
Phone: 027 534 8617
Website: cerno.co.nz
Location: Wellington
Face to face delivery: 
Locations without disbursements: Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt
Locations with disbursements: Please enquire.
Virtual delivery: Microsoft Teams (preferred) and Zoom

For over 30 years, Kate has coached, developed and assessed hundreds of leaders at all levels.  She also has expertise in counselling and debriefing people after challenging situations.

Kate is a Director of Cerno Ltd, which specialises in assessing and developing leaders. Previously she managed the Army Psychology Service and consulted to a range of organisations.

Kate knows what good leadership ‘looks like’ and can assist leaders to develop across the breadth of leadership functions. She has an ability to identify and address barriers at their root and encourage enduring behaviour change. She draws from various coaching models and can offer useful tools to provide further insights and practical advice (including her work on inclusive leadership). 

Kate is an empathetic and curious coach who focuses on understanding leaders, their drivers, and goals. She easily ‘fits’ her style to their specific needs and development areas.  She encourages leaders to master new skills through rehearsal and reflection and will leave people feeling empowered and confident.

Kate is a registered psychologist. She has a Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology.

Areas of specific leadership coaching expertise:

  • Leadership and management
  • Inclusive leadership
  • Executive presence, leadership style, self-awareness, leadership agility
  • Interpersonal style, influencing, relationship management
  • Resilience, wellbeing, managing challenging situations
  • Career drivers
  • Strategic skills

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