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LDC March 2017 update and LDC's customer experience

See Leadership Insight highlights, the agencies taking our programmes, the range of LDC's individual assessments based on the LSP, and our new initiatives working across the system, in this new A3 visual. And, see where you fit into the LDC's customer experience, and the services and support that LDC provides.

Focus on Auckland

See LDC's new Focus on Auckland (pdf) - driving greater collaboration and knowledge sharing between Auckland and Wellington public sector colleagues.

Strengthening public sector leadership for New Zealand

The Leadership Development Centre (LDC) works in partnership with chief executives and the State Services Commissioner to deliver and advise leadership development across the public sector.

We are co-owned and governed by public sector chief executives, with the State Services Commissioner as our Board Chair.

Our partnership means that we know what the public sector needs from its leaders, and together we provide a sector-wide, integrated approach to leadership development.

Offering a unique public sector overview

LDC is uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive overview of leadership practices across the public sector. 

  • Governance and ownership by and for chief executives and senior leaders
  • Whole-of-system oversight, knowledge, and connections
  • Partnerships with expert leadership development professionals
  • Established networks with the leadership research community, both nationally and globally
  • Strong expertise in leadership development.

Working directly with leaders


We work with leaders to build and improve their leadership skills, knowledge, and experience in partnership with their managers.


We work with chief executives and their executive teams, senior managers, and human resource and organisational development specialists to identify and develop the current and next generation of leaders, with a strong focus on providing advice on internal talent management practices.

Public sector system

We provide leadership analysis and advice to the State Services Commissioner, public sector chief executives, the Career Boards, senior managers, and human resource and organisational development executives across the public sector.

Our three core roles

1. Helping agencies to grow and strengthen the leadership system

We assist agencies to develop their internal talent management practices. The right people will be developed in the right way, early in career.

2. Helping chief executives and senior teams to develop the leadership potential of identified leaders

We provide advice and assurance from a system-wide perspective.

3. Leading leadership thinking

Our data analysis, evidence-based research, knowledge and information inform priorities for leadership development.

Our expert team:

  • brokers individual development placements, using our extensive networks and knowledge
  • manages the design and delivery of leadership development programmes
  • delivers seminars and produces resources and toolkits that give members easy access to development topics, in partnership with leadership experts
  • builds bespoke assessment tools for individual, agency, and system leadership development
  • assesses  identified leaders and  advises on development options for their particular needs
  • updates members on the latest international and New Zealand leadership research
  • analyses the aggregated performance and assessment data of our public sector leaders and advises on priority actions to chief executives and senior leaders.

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Our history 

LDC started life in 1995 as the Management Development Centre. Its original mandate was to promote excellence in the education, training and development of public service leaders and senior managers. In 2003, the Management Development Centre was relaunched as the LDC with a new mandate to deliver on the State Services Commission’s senior leadership and management development strategy.

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