Leadership assessments

Our approach is to partner with our members. We work directly with chief executives, leaders and HROD executives.

We will help you:

  • assess the leadership development priorities and needs of your agency, drawing on the latest evidence and data from your agency and the sector as a whole
  • benchmark your agency 
  • develop a leadership development strategy to address specific needs
  • identify and develop leaders within your organisation
  • implement and evaluate the strategy.

To get started, we recommend we get together to discuss and assess your agency's leadership development needs.

We will look at how to benchmark your current skill set in relation to the sector as a whole, as well as identify the new and existing leaders within your organisation.

LDC uses a range of tools to gather information about an agency's leadership development needs - the Performance Improvement Framework developed by the State Services Commission is one.

We also recommend members use our Assessment for Development tool or the 360 degree assessments we have adapted to align with the State Services Commission's Leadership Success Profile (pdf).

Using the evidence and data relating to your agency and the sector, we will help you assess your agency and system priorities, set your leadership development goals and develop a strategy that you can implement and evaluate over time.

For small organisations without in-house HROD teams, we offer general human resource management and organisational development advice (but with an emphasis on leadership development).

Assessment for Development is LDC's flagship assessment and planning tool designed especially for New Zealand's public sector, drawing on the chief executives and State Services Commissioner's Leadership Success Profile (pdf).

Aimed at senior leaders (identified or nominated by their chief executive), the tool involves coaching, assessment (using tools such as self-assessment and 360 degree assessment), leadership development planning and sharing the results with a participant's chief executive or manager.

It is a thorough process that can take anywhere between three and six months.

The strength of this tool is that it gives participants an up-to-date, detailed and accurate picture of their skills and leadership development needs.

For more information, contact LDC's Researcher/Industrial and Organisational Psychologist Angus Bain on 04 494 8383.

The LDC LSP360° assessment is a popular tool available to all senior leaders looking for feedback on their leadership behaviours aligned to the LSP, to assist their leadership development planning. LDC has recently updated the LSP360° to align with the revised LSP.

Respondents are asked to rate the participant's behaviour in relation to positively-worded behavioural statements based on the LSP.

Each participant receives a personalised report, participates in a structured feedback session with a suitably accredited coach or support person and receives support to create a development plan with their manager.

The results provide an overview of the participant's strengths and development needs based on the LSP.

LSP360° development options

To find the relevant resources for your leadership development needs, go to our Leadership Success Profile development options page.

More information

LSP360° assessment flyer (pdf)

Information for participants

Information for managers

Information for respondents

Information for coaches

Background to the LSP and LSP360°

See some sample LDC LSP360 pages.

For more information about the LSP360° process, contact the Leadership Development Center 04 473 2222 or email info@ldc.govt.nz

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