How we can help

We work directly with chief executives, leaders and HR/OD executives.

We can help you:

  • assess the leadership development priorities and needs of your agency, drawing on the latest evidence and data from your agency and the sector as a whole
  • benchmark your agency
  • develop a leadership development strategy to address specific needs
  • identify and develop leaders within your organisation
  • implement and evaluate the strategy.

How we work

To get started, we recommend we get together to discuss and assess your agency's leadership development needs.

We will look at how to benchmark your current skill set in relation to the sector as a whole, and identify the new and existing leaders within your organisation.

We use a range of tools to gather information about an agency's leadership development needs. The Performance Improvement Framework developed by the State Services Commission is one of those tools.

We also recommend members use our 360 degree assessments which aligns with the State Services Commission's Leadership Success Profile [PDF,153KB].

Using the evidence and data relating to your agency and the sector, we will help you:

  • assess your agency and system priorities
  • set your leadership development goals, and
  • develop a strategy that you can implement and evaluate over time.

For small organisations without in-house HR/OD teams, we offer general human resource management and organisational development advice (but with an emphasis on leadership development).

Aspiring Leaders Profile 360°

Aspiring Leaders Profile 360°

Feedback for people who demonstrate leadership potential but are not yet in formal leadership roles and would benefit from targeted development
Leadership Success Profile 180°

Leadership Success Profile 180°

An effective tool for new leaders looking for development feedback from their reporting manager
Leadership Success Profile 360°

Leadership Success Profile 360°

An effective tool for senior leaders looking for feedback on leadership behaviours and to assist with their leadership development planning.
Professional Specialist Leader 360°

Professional Specialist Leader 360°

Designed for people who hold a professional, specialist or technical leadership role