The Aspiring Leaders Profile 360° (ALP360°) assessment provides feedback for individuals who demonstrate leadership potential but are not yet in formal leadership roles and would benefit from targeted development.

The ALP360° is a short assessment based on six capabilities derived from the Leadership Success Profile (LSP) [PDF, 153KB] that indicate future leadership potential. We’ve included another capability, ‘team builder’ to provide an individual with feedback about their ability to draw people together and motivate them toward a common goal.

The ALP360° includes 19 statements. Respondents, including the participant’s manager, peers and others they work with, rate the frequency they see the individual showing different behaviours. The participant also completes a self-assessment.

Each participant receives a detailed and personalised report through a coach. The feedback provides an overview of the participant’s strengths and development needs, which can inform development conversations, planning and activities. We recommend that participants discuss the ALP360° feedback with their managers and how they will use it to support the participant’s ongoing development.


  • LDC member agencies: $290 + GST per person
  • Non-members: $700 + GST per person (includes report and debrief)

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