The Aspiring Leaders Profile 360° assessment provides feedback for individuals who show leadership potential but are not yet in formal leadership roles and would benefit from targeted development.

The Aspiring Leaders Profile 360° (ALP360°) assessment is based on 9 capabilities from the Leadership Success Profile that indicate future leadership potential. It also provides feedback about your ability to draw people together and motivate them toward a common goal. The ALP360° has a total of 31 statements.

Leadership Success Profile (LSP) [PDF, 153KB]

With a 360° review, you’ll receive feedback from a broad range of stakeholders to get a solid understanding about your strengths and development areas. Respondents, including your manager, peers and others you work with, will rate the frequency they see you showing different behaviours. You will also complete a self-assessment.

Note it is recommended you have been in your current role for at least 4 months before taking the ALP360°. This helps those you have nominated to give feedback as they are more likely to have seen you work across a range of situations that require different leadership capabilities.

Report and debrief

Following the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed and personalised report through a coach or suitably accredited support person. Your detailed report will give an overview of your strengths and development needs across the 9 capabilities to help inform development conversations, planning and activities.

We also recommend you discuss the ALP360° feedback with your manager and how they will use it to support your ongoing development.


  • LDC member agencies: $290 + GST per person (report only – additional costs may apply for a debrief with an accredited coach)  
  • Non-members: $700 + GST per person (includes report and debrief)

To book an assessment or get more information email: