The LSP180° assessment is a fast and effective tool for those new to a role and who are wanting to start a conversation with their manager about how to work in the role and their development needs.

The LSP180° assessment is based on 16 areas, aligned to the Leadership Success Profile (LSP) [PDF,153KB] . The assessment includes 41 statements where the participant’s manager is asked  to rate the frequency they see the leader exhibiting different behaviours. The participant also completes a self-assessment of the same statements.

The LSP describes leadership attributes, capabilities and behaviours that will enable participants to both lead their agency and work with others to have an impact across the state sector. The LSP has been designed to have an inclusive view around leadership. It also places much greater emphasis on the attributes and behaviours that drive collaboration, system stewardship and customer focus.

Each participant receives a high-level detail and personalised report, which they can then discuss with their manager and together plan ongoing development options.

The results provide an overview of the participant’s strengths and development needs and how they align to the LSP.

Visit our Leadership Success Profile development options page to find resources relevant to your leadership development needs.


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