Nominating a participant for the LSP360° assessment

Email LDC at to nominate a participant. LDC will then get in touch with you with detailed information about the registration process. Here's an outline of what to expect:

The 360 survey process

The LSP360° survey process


  • LDC member agencies: $290 + GST per person (report only - additional costs may be apply for the debrief)
  • Non-members: $700 + GST per person (includes report and debrief)

Number of respondents

Participants complete a self-assessment and nominate:

  • reporting manager/s - the person/people they directly report to  
  • direct reports - the people who directly report to them
  • peers - the people they work with and who report to the same manager
  • other relationships - people they work with in a professional context outside of their team, group or organisation. This may include people from other government agencies who they work closely with. This category of respondents is optional and may only be suitable for some roles.

We suggest that the participant discusses their list of potential respondents with their manager to ensure they include respondents who can provide them with the most valuable, honest and constructive feedback.

360 Diagram

Confidentiality of responses

Only the self-assessment and manager-responses will be individually identified in your LSP360° report. All other ratings will be aggregated by respondent group for reporting. To maintain other respondents' anonymity, there needs to be a minimum of 3 respondents per respondent group.

Feedback and follow-up action

The feedback process is a key feature of this 360° assessment. LDC can accredit people in your agency to use the LSP360° tool, provide external accredited coaches, or accredit external coaches of your choice.

Each participant receives a personalised report, participates in a structured feedback session with an accredited individual and receives support to create a development plan with their manager.

The results provide an overview of the participant's strengths and development needs across the full range of leadership behaviours.

See some sample LDC LSP360° pages.

Development planning conversation

The leader seeking feedback and development through the LSP360° process will first be debriefed by an accredited coach or support person. As this information is about them and their leadership behaviours, it is important that they are primarily responsible for determining how to progress their development. To achieve this, leaders are supported and strongly encouraged to reflect on their results, consider their options and then involve their manager in finalising an individual development plan.

After the initial LSP360° report debrief, it is recommended that participants have a follow-up session about a week later to focus on development planning. During the initial debriefing session, participants tend to be engrossed on understanding the feedback and the report. A conversation about development options is best held later when the participant has had time to reflect on their report.

Debriefing and coaching 

LDC strongly recommends that participants are debriefed by individuals who are suitably experienced in coaching and who understand how the LSP360° report is constructed. If your organisation has access to experienced coaches or individuals who regularly provide assessment feedback to others in your organisation then the LDC can accredit them to provide feedback using the LSP360° at no cost. These sessions take approximately 1-2 hours.

If your organisation does not currently have coaches or individuals experienced in providing assessment feedback, LDC offers a 4-6 hour session that covers basic coaching techniques, an overview of the LSP360° report and how to debrief an individual who has been through the LSP360° process. These sessions cost $500 +GST.
LDC also has a panel of executive coaches who can debrief participants on their LSP360° reports, and assist with leadership development options. Prices vary between executive coaches, but on average they charge around $300 +GST per hour.

For more information

For more information about the LSP360° process, contact LDC on 04 473 2222 or email

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